NBA 2020 Playoffs Predictions

Discussion in 'General Offtopic' started by the great gringo, Aug 21, 2020.

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    no idea if you nerds ever take the time to do anything other than twink but in the rare case that you do and you're into the NBA, I'd love to hear your playoff predictions

    the playoffs began on august 17th and this is how the playoff tree is looking so far:

    my predictions as of now are:
    (Quarterfinals) I personally think Lakers over Blazers, Rockets over Thunder, Nuggets over Jazz and Mavs over Clippers
    (Semifinals) I've got Lakers over Rockets and Mavs over Nuggets
    (Conference Finals) Definitely Lakers over Mavs which means the Lakers are coming out of the west and making a trip to the NBA finals

    (Quarterfinals) Bucks over Magic, Heat over Pacers, Celtics over 76ers and Raptors over Nets
    (Semifinals) Very very tough series for the Bucks but I have them beating the Heat and again a very close series between Boston and Toronto but I've got the Celtics beating the Raptors
    (Conference Finals) The Bucks are an insanely long team and the Celtics lack a decent big man to defend the paint so I've got the Bucks winning the series and making a trip to the NBA finals

    NBA finals:
    LeBron vs Giannis, very hard to judge but it all comes down to how the supporting cast of each team shows up, if I had to pick one I'm going with the Lakers

    please post your thoughts down below!!!!
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