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News My Watch is Ended

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Conq, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. Conq

    Conq Retired Founder

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    My Watch Has Ended

    Hey everyone, I’m writing to you today with a lot on my mind so please note that reading forward. As the title says, to be clear: I’ve sold what part of XPOFF I owned for a modest sum which allowed me to recoup my financial investment, it is “said and done” as it were and time for me to move on.

    I decided it was time to move on for a lot of reasons, and in retrospect I perhaps should have done it sooner. I don’t play WoW anymore and having turned 25 and then moving hundreds of miles from my home town, with my own apartment in Washington D.C. I find myself preoccupied much of the time, with my interests elsewhere. For those curious i’m attending a local hacker space where i’m learning about 3D printers, CRISPR, and technology in general. It’s called Hacdc.

    I’m also helping host Overwatch League viewing parties and other stuff in the near future with The D.C. Area Esports Club. I’ll be staffing a convention called “Universal FanCon” in Baltimore at the end of the month and I’m also working in an unofficial capacity for a major esports company with local interests, as well as making friends and working various side jobs, if you are in the area feel free to reach out to me if you want to get involved!

    On to the essence of this post, my part of the website has been sold to @Ripduck. Ducky is a avid community organizer, patron, and leader, he’s working on a brand new stats based project tied to XPOFF which will have a new arena ladder likely integrated.

    He also plans to upgrade to XF2 so the website will have a whole new and improved look as well as a ton of really great new features, he is also someone who is more interested in twinks than myself, with these - along with other elements, I am confident that he will be able to at the least take much better care of the website, and the community than I have been able to in a long time.

    In regards to the staff much will hopefully stay the same with administrators and the rest of the staff, though I do anticipate a small period of transition where I will be pseudo-involved with the process.

    In closing I want to thank everyone for the memories and lessons. Also I want to shout out all my friends and the people who have supported me and the community, as I’ve said in the past there are way too many people to thank for me to even begin, (we do need more community organizers now, just step up and you will get noticed, organize what you enjoy) the reality is I will remember everyone and the community as a whole probably until the day I die, even those of us who have not gotten along all the time.

    My path here started with just twinking back in vanilla, evolved into premading, then eventually guild leading, guild uniting, community development, project management, and way more. For me this is incredible, and it has afforded me many further opportunities elsewhere in the world, so I will never forget my time here.

    Much Love and Luck from me to the community,

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  2. Sketchbag

    Sketchbag OVOXO Moderator

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  3. Fael

    Fael Believer

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    Usher in the new era ~
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  4. Sponsor

    Sponsor NaCl Moderator

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    Been a blast, sounds like you'e got your life sorted out!

    I'd wish you good luck, but it' all about skill now ;)
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  5. Purj

    Purj The Last Alliance Twink

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    New features sound great. We got an actual ETA?

    Thanks for everything, Conq. Hope your new jobs are awesome.
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  6. Druiddroid

    Druiddroid Member

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    Thank you for caring about the twink community while you were here

    Good luck on your endeavors, sounds like you have a bright future :)
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  7. Bestworld

    Bestworld MBA

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    See you around Conq. I only know Ripduck from the few 29's wargames he managed to put up on EU. Seem like a cool dude.
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  8. Embu

    Embu French Moderator Moderator Senior Coordinator

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    I think it will be the case for a good part of the people, 'cause we spent a lot involvement into this website. Each of us has been able to meet other people, taking part in events or organizing them, learn from others: I think this is the best thing that can arrive when one joins a community.

    Good luck for the future, I hope everything will be fine for you!
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  9. ShinyHero

    ShinyHero Member

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    Bye conq you will be missed
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  10. Warlord Daboo

    Warlord Daboo 10-19 Coordinator Coordinator Wãrlords of Warsong

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    Thank you @Conq for everything you have done for the community and for me in specific. @Ripduck is a great person to take over the reigns and I look forward to what we can put together to make this community even better and more fun!
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  11. Sketchbag

    Sketchbag OVOXO Moderator

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    *And Now His Watch Is Ended*

    "Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come."
    ―The Night's Watch oath


    Thank you @Conq for everything you achieved/accomplished.

    Forever a brother of the Night's Watch ♥ ♥ ♥
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  12. Selaya

    Selaya Ɛ> Head Admin

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  13. Quack

    Quack Veteran

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    enjoy being a hacker man
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  14. Goohdx

    Goohdx Veteran

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    someone throw a party now
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 14, 2018, Original Post Date: Apr 14, 2018 ---
    ill come
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  15. Miles

    Miles Member

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  16. Bestdruidbtw

    Bestdruidbtw Guest

    Pce <3
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  17. Somfas

    Somfas Veteran

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    Best wishes brother
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  18. Lufú

    Lufú Member

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    All the best mate. Take it easy x
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  19. Alex

    Alex Resident Cripple Administrator

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    Our Views of the world and how it works may not be the same. but you'll always be a good friend of mine dude. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and maybe if i'm ever in DC again we'll grab a drink(might be soon you may never know). Over the years helping you make xpoff what it is has been a pleasure and i will continue to do so under @Ripduck . Later on Conqy Boy.
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  20. Nohugzz

    Nohugzz PVE is a disease

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    I am sure ripduck will do a great job.
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