My Sub is up in 72 hours and I did the best I could


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I subbed for a month, xp off, ran numerous dungeons, shopped the AH for three toons: Resto Druid (FC), MM Hunter and Holy Priest. I don't have any of the gear that TwinkDB suggests but I tried. I did the best I could. My bags are full of blues. Just not the recommended blues. I'm ready and anxious to see what it's like out there in BG-land at level 20. I have XP back on and will let my sub run out. Thank you for all the helpful guides and links, very informative.
get loads of spare gems / enchants / anything so whenever those pieces DO decide to drop, you'll be able to use them

losing bank space is better than doing the f2p grind on your vet
Stock up ok consumables, gems, enchants and stuff. You can still gear up when ur sub expires. Having the chants and gems in ur bags will make it easy.
Good luck and see u soon!
^ this.
Stock up on everything that you need & then some.
'2' is '1' so make sure you have extra gems, enchants & chow/pots for your trio.
For the next 70ish hours, maybe hit some farms up & see if you can squeeze out a few upgrades.
Thanks all I will try it tonight and then may resub to take your suggestion to stock up when I can access AH, thanks for the tips!
[doublepost=1655863223,1655860016][/doublepost]So I've gotten to play some tonight, very fun, am I top of the charts? no alliance always topping the charts, noooo, but did we win every game I played tonight?...yessss, not cause of me per se, though I do know strats and contributed, gave advice. Good feeling.

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