My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

Should I ban Divine Shield + Hearthstone?

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Haven't tried yet but, can i delete the account and create a new one with the same email?
If you have a gmail address like then you can use any address of the form and it would be counted as a different email by most websites (including Blizz) while still being redirected to your same mailbox (without the stuff after the +), and no need to create a new address
Another death, this time falling damage (like a complete noob); gg Lakkytwo.


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March 14 Update - Dungeon Gearing

I decided to stream my adventures and I will probably keep doing that.

After buying full ilvl 39 in Pandaria I went straight to Draenor to start my gear grind. A near death experiences that ended with a panic Divine Shield + Hearthstone I decided that I needed the stealth ring, this will save me a lot of time in my runs.

Eventually I killed the final boss and I've gotten enough ilvl 61s to solo the dungeon fairly easily so that's what I will do in the next few days :)

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bubble hearting is against HC rules
Here goes nothin!

Draenei Shaman, figured I'd make it on Moon Guard to make it more interesting.

Going to set my sights on getting a mechanostrider mount because I quite like them.

Excuse the potato quality, its my work laptop :S


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Ftpbakedhc also started his adventure earlier :PeepoGlad:
Couldn't post screenshot for some reason. But I'll be streaming the progress whenever I'm playing on it
I've now updated main post, the armory links are now made into columns to display a bit more info. For the currently alive characters I will keep track on their ilvl and achievement points, I will update that maybe once per week. And for the dead characters I've added some details about their deaths. If your armory link is broken due to being under level 10, you will be removed in a week, I don't want inactive people on the list that haven't even made it to level 10.

I've been thinking of added "Achievements" to do on your hardcore character, these would be rewarded with a lil goldstar in your column.
These are the "Achievements" I've come up with so far that will reward a goldstar is:
1500 Achievement Points
50 Mounts
50 Pets
50 toys
5 Titles
5 Exalted Reptutations
Reach ilvl 87

Before I add this I wanna hear your thoughts tho, so please let me know if you think this is a good / bad idea, or if u got other suggestions.
I think this is a cool idea, and gives me some good things to aim for even if this isnt adopted by everyone else.

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