Mug o Hurt Enchants

Discussion in '49s (Vanilla)' started by monstaslaya, Jul 31, 2020.

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    I read a post saying this item prevents druid shape-shifting, can't be FAPed and procs very often. It can also be dual weilded, all of which makes it seem perfect for intercepting EFCs in WSG. I am wondering, what would the best enchants be for them, and are enchant procs (icy chill for example) affected by the weapon proc? I was thinking 2x Mug o' hurt with icy chill would basically make it impossible for a flag carrier to escape. Anyone used this item and have any tips?
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    I see a couple comments on the item on WoWHead have tried this out before. Check it out and let us know!
    Try out the proc against a Druid or a FAP in a duel maybe before committing too hard to that rumor. And keep in mind that no matter how many things you have that can proc, it's probably not great to count on them that they will. Meaning, no matter how high the proc chance for all your slows is, there's always the chance that they just won't.
    And even if you do manage a couple hits and a proc on the FC, you could always just get peeled away yourself.
    I'm not a fan of that, but don't let anyone stop you from having fun.
    I definitely wouldn't be a fan of that as an FC though either lol

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