MoP TW is almost here. WPvP tips for Timeless Isle. #7 will shock you!

Discussion in 'Level 110-119' started by villiansv, May 2, 2020.

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    Hello everyone. MoP Timewalking is coming up with next reset, which always means tons of fun on the Timeless Isle. This is one of the recurring events that are very friendly to us twinks having fun killing high lvl players - there are many powerful buffs you can choose from to help you out, plus fun achievements, mounts, pets and more.

    This is mostly aimed at 110s/111s targeting 120s. There are many max level players there, so lower level twinks who can't face 120s and live won't have a very good time.

    Naturally, bring your BFA food/flask (or Ghost Elixir) and any buffs you normally use. - these are scattered all along the map (click the link to see locations). When clicked, they will give you a random 1h buff (with a chance of the shrine being corrupted and getting no buff). These are very powerful, but some are better than others, and you have flexibility depending on class/spec/playstyle. If they have been clicked by another player recently, they are non-interactive - they seem to reset quickly though, about 5 minutes in my experience. The options are:

    • - 25% damage reduction. Use this if you feel your damage output is enough as it is (it's my buff of preference).
    • - 20% stat increase. All around a strong choice. Stacks with the 5% food buff mentioned further below, and other stat-increasing buffs like Arcane Intellect.
    • - 25% additional crit, haste and mastery. A very strong burst option for certain classes that scale well off secondaries (*cough* sub rogues *cough*). It seems the crit is additive (I go from 43% to 68%) , haste is more than additive (I go from 32% to 65%?!) and mastery seems multiplicative-ish (I got from 14% to 21%). Whatever the formulas, this might be the strongest DPS option for you. Test it out.
    • - a flat 15% damage increase. This is the worst option, in my testing the 20% stat buff increased my damage by more (20%), in addition to adding extra HP. Pick one of the other 3. - you can find this all around hanging off tree branches, or fallen on the ground. They give you a 10-minute 5% stat buff. Don't leave home without it. - AKA improved crispfruit. These grow only around the Ordon Sanctuary area (see further below on how to get there). They give the same 5% stat buff for 10 minutes as the previous item, however they also give you for 5 minutes, healing you for 5% max HP every 3s. If I happen to be in the area, I grab it and jump into the Ordos boss area to be ported down to the Celestial Court, where the action usually is. - these are mostly next to cliffs in the eastern part of the map. You can click them for a short buff that heals you and regens your resource (at a rate of 10% hp / resource per 2s). Especially strong for energy/rage-based classes, can be clicked and used in combat. These will also grant you the 5% stat buff. - various buff items drop off mobs everywhere around the isle. This is the only one that works in pvp, others are limited to pve combat. It's a 1h buff that procs 248 of your main stat for 10s. Not too shabby, basically an extra proc trinket for you. - this is a purchasable one-use item (1 ash = 1 bloody coin) that makes it easy to kill geared 120 healers and tanks (and also resto WPvP twinks :( ). It's a no-cooldown short-range item that applies a debuff reduces healing done by 90% for 10s. If you embark on the Fire-watcher achievement, you will be able to buy thousands of these. Details on obtaining Bloody Coins - in the next section.

    The main PVP achievement that you can start working on here is . This can be worked on in all zones, but the items needed (and buyable rewards) are here, on the isle.

    How this works:
    1.You start by killing any and all mobs all over the isle, they all drop (more drop from the elites on the path leading up to the Ordon Sanctuary, as well as around and inside the sanctuary itself). Gather 100 (that's literally just 5-6 mob kills).
    2. Go to (walk up the pathway to the Ordon Sanctuary) and buy .
    3. Use the item, you become a very manly translucent pink color and look similar to the Ordon mobs. This is a buff that lasts 10 minutes, and the item has a 10 minute cd. While under the buff, HKs will grant you (1 per kill). Note that you must land the killing blow to get the coin.
    4. Land 2000 killing blows on enemies to get the final achievement and title.

    Notes: If you die, you lose the buff and have to wait for the item cooldown. The person you kill gets a debuff for 10 minutes ( - while they have this debuff they will not grant you bloody coins (thus discouraging camping). This is however buggy and it sometimes takes 2-3 kills for them to get the debuff.

    Additional (worse, but potentially fun) way to obtain Bloody Coins is to purchase from the same vendor for 1000 Timeless Coins. This will, when used, take 90% of your HP, prevent you from using the Time-Lost Shrines, and make you hostile to both factions. Obtaining coins while under this buff works the same, the only differences are you can kill your own faction too, and this is only usable on the Timeless Isle (the other item can be used anywhere in the world).

    The TI is a non-flying zone that's south-east of the Jade Forest. You can fly yourself, or use the flight path. If you fly in yourself, be ready with a slow fall item as you will be dismounted when you enter the zone.

    The WPvP action happens mostly around the Celestial Court (the quest turn in for the Timewalking Quest is on the eastern edge), and between the horde/alliance flight paths and the court.

    Of note, there are always people camping (his spawn point is 65,58) for the mount, and as this is on the way to a few locations of importance you can see action there, too.

    If you do not have the MoP legendary cloak equipped on your character, the actual world boss and his Sanctuary are off limits to you. if you attempt to enter, you'll simply be teleported back down to the Celestial Court. This cloak is no longer obtainable. You can, however, walk around the Sanctuary itself, it's a great place to grind Timeless Coins, and also the only place to get the Fire Poppy buffs.

    How do you get there? This - - shows you where the path to the Sanctuary begins, where the Bloody Coin vendor is, where Huolon spawns along this path, and where you have to jump + glide across a broken bridge. Screenshots of where to aim when jumping: . After landing, you can go around the left of the Sanctuary and enter through a side gate without a cloak, but there is nothing of much worth there, and if you go too far in you still get ported out.

    There are a lot more things to do here, you can view the extensive guide on (though keep in mind some things there are outdated, as it hasn't been updated since the launch of the zone). Pets, mounts, fun on-use items like a super fast mount for the zone, etc. I've attempted to condense the pvp-specific information here.

    This may well be the last MoP TW before next patch, so go for it. Hope you have fun!
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