Molten (Warmane) 3.3 (WotLK) 39s 2v2 Tournament 3.0 - Apr 19th, 2020

Discussion in 'Level 30-39' started by Selaya, Apr 10, 2020.

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    Hello Dears,

    We'll be hosting our next installment of our 3.3 39s 2v2 tournament on April the 19th, 2020!
    As usual, join our discord for more information and stuff!

    Rules of the first tournament posted below; may be subject to change for the upcoming. In this event, we shall notify this thread.

    Want to participate but not make a character just for this? Don't worry, we have rentals that you can use & customise for the tournament!

    <3, Sela

    Hello @everyone! We are pleased to announce that the 39s 2v2 arena tournament
    will be taking place on the 7th of February at 7pm Server Time.
    The rules are as following:
        - Teams cannot have two characters of the same class.
        - Each team can sign up one character for each team
          member and only those are eligible to participate.
        - Changes to the specialization of a character are allowed
          at any time (these can go from one or two points being shifted
          to a complete change in the distribution of talents).
        - [Crimson Deathcharger] is banned (as it is a 100% mount).
        Note: Any other item one could normally wear or use on an arena setting is allowed.
    The format of the tournament will be swiss (to learn about how this works read more on:
    into elimination (Semifinals and Finals will be fought on a best of three basis).
    A $105 Prize Pool will be split amongst the teams that place 1st, 
    2nd and 3rd (or an equivalent amount of coins instead, at your preference).
    Send a direct message to @Diego or @smack with your team's details to sign up.
    If you don't have a partner but wish to find one you can use the channel 
    #lfg-arena-tournament to do so.
    16 teams sign up. The swiss part of the tournament will look similar to this:
    ROUND:       1        2        3        4        5    
    0 DEFEATS    8        4        2        1        1
    1 DEFEAT     8        8        6        4        2
    2 DEFEATS             4        6        6        5
    3 DEFEATS                      2        4        5
    4 DEFEATS                               1        2
    5 DEFEATS                                        1
    (For mobile users:
    After enough rounds have been played some teams will come out on top 
    (each team will always be matched up versus a team with an equal or similar score). 
    The four best teams will move on to the elimination rounds: 
    in the Semifinals the first seed will face the fourth and the 
    second will face the third; the two teams that come out victorious 
    out of the Semifinals will meet each other in the Finals.

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