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US Mega AP farm - Need your help (Alliance)

Discussion in 'Level 90-99' started by docturphil, Sep 9, 2017.

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    So here's the thing. If we work together we can get 6,000 or more AP per hour.

    Get a group of 15 people or more together. Farm archaeology dig sites. Every time someone digs up an elite mob they call everyone over. Everyone tags the elite and gets 300, 400, or 750 AP.

    I've been doing quite a bit of archeology and i seem to get an elite mob around once every 15 to 20 dig sites. With a big enough group elites should be popping up left and right.

    Only thing is you absolutely need legion flying for this to work. Which I do of course.

    So the only thing left to do is form a group and get this going.

    What do you guys say to 10pm central time (11 eastern, 8 in Cali) on Monday? Who is with me?
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