looking for advice on 119 pvp bgs

Discussion in 'Level 110-119' started by provonex, Feb 3, 2019.

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    hey guys looking to start up a 119 class for mostly bgs pvp. Will most likely be solo queing most of the time!

    couple of questions:

    1) alliance or horde? also if anyone has a server suggestions with 119/pvp guilds would be nice!
    2) leaning between mage, hunter, druid or rogue. anyone give strengths/weaknesses of each?
    3) what is the gearing process, I know its mostly gear from TW but where does the high ilvl azerite come from and what traits can you pick from?

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    Alliance at the moment have more 119 twinks than the horde, but the horde numbers have been growing quickly.

    Alliance community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/4DkZvq3Tb2r?region=US&faction=Alliance
    Horde community: Don't have a link for it, but the most active one is called TW Twinks.
    Those classes are all pretty good, they do have their counters but will do good against most others. Balance and Marksmen seem to be the flavor of the month.
    Timewalking at 119 for level 300 items with a chance to level up to 310. Timewalking raids do 310/315. The ilvl 300 Azerite gear comes from the last boss of BFA dungeons. Completing 2 zone quest chains that reward azerite gear seems to be the trigger for the zone quest azerite gear to be the 300 items.
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    Ran into this misconception yesterday - you don't have to do two zones, what you need to do is complete four azerite piece quest chains (so yes part 1+2 from 2 zones would do it) but the Warfront quest piece counts towards this, so you could just complete one and a half zones and snag a 300 piece from the second part of that zone, and two more from the final untouched zone (part 1+2). Check out the BfA Quick Start guide on this forum for more specifics. As an example you can see my 110 fury has 3 pieces of 300 gear all from quest zones.

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