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FAQ Links you need to have and things you need to know! (70-79)

Discussion in 'Level 70-79' started by Blackberryy, Jun 26, 2018.

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  1. Blackberryy

    Blackberryy Those peanut butter vibes Administrator

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    Hey guys, it's me Blackberryy your active 70-79 xpoff coordinator! I think it's hi time we make a consolidation thread for all news, and information 70(79 to be added later). We will be covering links, guides, places to be for twink stuff, people to contact, places to hang out as a 70 twink and more!
    Also, for those of you that do not currently play 70 and are interested in checking it out or getting in contact to check it out please feel free to contact me or any other member on this list on xpoff.com through the conversations. For in game inquiry's my BTAG is : Themango#11450
    70 Twink community discord and "That Seventies Show" Discord :

    • Super influential 70 twinks, I.E who to contact and who is most active.

    [*]@Shinela , our resident EU tank with a huge eye for theory crafting and extremely great guides. if you're looking for information on the PTR and or Beta changes look no further! Super nice guy and always happy to help, extremely active and always posting.
    [*]@Dreams , another EU player known for his PvP prowess and extreme frostmage dps, if you're looking for someone to tell you like it is he's your guy. Activity has dropped recently due to a slow in EU twinking but he's usually around and willing to correct you.
    [*]@Zoke , our US guide maker with an affinity for hunting down the best rotations and optimizing his dps! A silent bob if you will, preferring to keep his quiet by never speaking he will definately surprise you with his wow knowledge!
    [*]@Chey , my personal favorite US druid and the best one i know. Pushing me to always want to better my tank set and talk about different builds this guy is just great to play with. Always down to help and always our token MW to help us MD those gas novas in SWP! Don't underestimate this guys wow knowledge either!
    [*]@gothicsorrow , and @Ceified smacking heads together for your favorite US theorycrafting knowledge and over all interesting things to do in wow. Both have extremely nice 60 twinks but a love for 70 and always helping us in whatever way they can. Theres not much these 2 can't stick there heads together to solve!
    [*]@Snacks , A new and upcoming US twink that has always been online to help. With an extensive knowledge of the restoration side of druid he helps offer a fresh perspective into the small gear grinding that goes along with well thought out healing. Level headed guy always willing to learn and help where he can, don't be surprised when he's 5 manning SWP!
    [*]@Healium , old EU twink making a comeback to the forums! Very influential and helpful player, extremely knowledgable in PvP and looking to help re bolster the arena latter for 70 efforts!
    [*]To be continued
    • Guide consolidation to help you find what you're looking for (No particular order)

    • Twink guilds and overall populated places to be!

    [*]As of right now we are looking at a drought of 70 guilds, they pop up here and there but i dont see any that really stick around for long or stay very active.
    [*]There are plenty of twinks out there, but until we get our community thread i fear we can't really connect those not willing to server xfer and those that do not know about xpoff.com
    [*]As of right now there is 1 active home realm and twink guild that i know to be active and that is "That Seventies show" on Bleeding hollow alliance. With 470 toons in the guild and active raiding weekly they seem to be the only guild i have found that contine to stay active and well flourished with twink items and players.

    • What is going on in the community and where does the most activity go down!

    [*]As of right now there are active bg goups on the Alliance side that do bgs nightly.
    [*]Goldshire inn is the main hang out spot for the active 70 twink community on alliance and the duel spot.
    [*]Active raiding currently takes place on Alliance side hosted by "That Seventies show" on Fridays and Saturdays 2100 EST.

    I will be adding to this list, and actively revising it. I hope to make this the to go welcome thread for 70 twinks to check out before going head first into the other smaller threads on the site and maybe trying to convince some none 70s to come hang out with our great community!
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