Lf a guild

Warlords of Warsong on Mankrik Horde would love to have you! We are the most active 19 guild in WoW!
Are you guys able to help with agms? Or should I try and get them beforehand? How is the fishing tourney there? I have goggles, this comming Sunday will only be my 2nd attempt at hat. Not sure if I should stay on my dead realm and try and get it there first,
I think if you can, it’d be better to grab AGM while on a dead server. We do offer help but there is a waiting list and it’s very contested. The hat is actually better to farm on a popular server imo, more pools spawn with more people fishing, and we have people who can escort sometimes.
<Golden Twinkies> Is recruiting 19s 29s and 39s we have the largest assortment of alliance twinks in the game. I host 6 events a week to make this the premiere twinking experience,
Play Twinks on alliance Benediction can help you with all your needs. Feel free to message me here or on Battle.net. Bnet: M3AN#11953

We can assist with AGM, enchants, gear, quests/dungeon runs etc. The guild is a extremely active. We do in house 10v10 wargames. We have many guild events with giveaways.
i sent you a request id love to join!

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