US Leveling my DH from 111-116 in 2 hours and 12 min in Freehold

Discussion in 'Level 110-119' started by Speratic, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Not sure if anyone has tried this, but I figured I would with my 111 DH that I had for twinking, which I am now using to get the S3 PvP Axe because it is insanely cool! I leveled from 111-115 in about 1 hour and a half soloing Freehold mobs, then 115-116 was absolutely tough and frustrating. Once you reach lv. 113-115, mobs are much tougher and require less to be pulled in a pack. At 115-116 I pulled only 2-3 packs at tops, as the bigger mobs were almost 3 shotting me. This leveling was quick, I'm super happy about it! 2 Hours and 12 Minutes for 111-116 Self Leveling!
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