Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide

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    Get ready for the Legion's arrival with our survival guide video and a collection of all the content and features that are coming in the Legion Pre-Expansion Patch, 7.0.3.

    New Content & Features

    [​IMG] Demon Invasions!
    The Legion arrives soon and angry invaders are going to start dropping out of the skies over Azeroth.

    [​IMG] Wardrobe Updates
    Open up the walk-in closet of wardrobe updates and look around at what’s in store for your character’s looks.

    [​IMG] Warlords PvP Season 3 Ending
    Warlords PvP Season 3 is ending and here's how the transition will take place.

    From the Developers

    [​IMG] Legion Developer Q&A
    Assistant Game Director Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas answers questions for Legion submitted by players.

    [​IMG] Legion Professions Developer Q&A
    Sit down with Senior Developer Paul Kubit as he answers your questions on Legion Professions.

    [​IMG] Legion World Quest and Demon Invasion Q&A
    Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel answers your questions on World Quests and the Demon Hunter event.

    [​IMG] Extended Draw Distance
    Join us for an Engineer’s Workshop. We delve into an exciting visual update to extend draw distance for Legion.

    [​IMG] Gearing up for Legion PvP
    Gear up for battle with Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka as he shares what's in store with upcoming changes to PvP.

    Patch Information

    [​IMG] Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Notes
    Preview class changes, new transmogrification collections system, and more!

    Customer & Technical Support Information

    [​IMG] Known Issues
    A list of known issues for World of Warcraft Legion Pre-Expansion Patch 7.0.3.

    [​IMG] Patch Troubleshooting
    Find more information on common technical issues.

    [​IMG] New Silence Penalty
    To help support positive experiences, we'll be implementing a new silence penalty.

    Legion Cinematic Trailer

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