EU+US Known Bug affecting some Veteran accounts

Discussion in 'Veterans' started by droodwar, Apr 3, 2016.

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    As reported in another thread a couple weeks ago, there was a bug affecting certain Veteran accounts where characters were unable to queue for battlegrounds.

    I myself was one of those affected, and had to speak to a GM to get XP lock removed, this would allow me to queue for battlegrounds.

    The problem this causes is your character shows as gaining XP again, so there's risk of levelling from 20-21 and then not being able to play the character.

    After the GM unlocked my XP I was also able to spend 10G and lock the XP in stormwind. This recreated the bug and produced the error "Starter edition unable to perform this action" when queuing for a battleground.

    I contacted a second GM who removed the lock, but also this is now being taken to Blizzard Development team to look at and hopefully patch.

    In the meantime you can still play but just be careful about the XP gain until there's a solid fix in place.

    There's zero reason why a Veteran account would need to lock XP - you can't play it afterwards and the GM also agreed it should go back to the "Max level reached for starter account" once you hit 20.

    In extreme circumstances like this, you should be able to get the level reverted just FYI. But only 1 level. If you accidentally level. stop playing immediately and contact a GM/Sub a ticket.

    TLDR:- XP lock can be removed by a GM to allow you to play BG's. If your Vet character is showing as gaining XP - Be careful about accidentally leveling to 21.
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    Had the same bug, needed to talk with a GM to unlock XP. I was afraid also to not LVLUP by mistake, but i noticed i didn't receive any experience when i won BG's.

    To be sure i've asked a GM about this, and he told me we are safe, we won't gain XP.
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    Had the same issue and reported it.

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