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If I missed a portion of the forums or there is something else I'm not aware of just let me know:

Why don't we do more gold/money driven events? Or for that matter, would anyone legitimately be interested in starting them on a semi-regular basis?

For instance (money/gold driven):
Arena tournaments (can make random weird rules to keep them fresh)
Highest K/D in a BG over the month
Vote on best montage every few months
Vote on most insane clip
Vote on best guide
Duel tournament
Transmog tournament

Yadda yadda yadda (insert many other things here)

If you are into twinking I would assume you are part of a certain demographic. I'd assume most of us can afford $5-$10 dollar or some amount of gold entry fees unless you're 12.

It seems like every expansion reduces the amount of twinks rather than increase so I feel like something needs to be done to stop interest from waning.

Would you all have enough interest at all for us to arrange and plan something like this? Even if it's 10 of us having a duel tournament for 10 bucks? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has spent 10 bucks worth of gold purely for a green item that is now useless.


I think the amount of twinks get reduced because of the way gearing changed to have more rng involved, so either we are farming or quit (or maybe the 29s killed them)

Man i miss just having to level engi for tiger goggles and then mish mashing gear from rfc to stockades


I mean, if i have to pay/grind a lot to get my almost best in slot gear then just ending up either Red or not reliable anymore at the start of a new expansion, I wouldn't even bother playing anymore. I don't blame those who stopped after another expansion release crossroads. And I'll be blunt, as much as I appreciate Shadowlands giving f2ps more content to do, I still miss farming the Pacifier, Shadow Fang daggers, Night Reaver and The Feathered Headdress.

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