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Discussion in 'Free to Play' started by Kadrak, Jan 5, 2019.

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    Kadraks Guide and Ramblings on F2P Paladin
    This is a simple and minimalist guide, tweaked for BfA to cover the bases of how to build a free to play paladin, this guide is not designed to go in-depth in regards to rotations, or what race to play and why. People have their preferences and will also likely have different play styles.

    Gear List: (Gear list is influenced by the bias of the writer of guide, and items are debatable)

    Considering that most paladin spells, regardless of spec, are almost always instant, the need for haste is not very big. However I personally like the combination of haste/vers.

    Versatility is an armor buff, a dps buff, and a self healing buff, so stacking this over crit and haste is VITAL for your survivability. The only two things you should stack over vers, is Strength and Intellect. (And Stamina, but that is a given!)

    Head: Krom’gar General Helm (H) and Blackfathom Ascendant’s Helm (A) (Quest Vendor // Dungeon)
    Necklace: Hook Charm Necklace or Dungeon Necklace of aurora/quickblade (Random Dungeon // Dungeon)
    Shoulder: Krom’Gar Champion Shoulder (H) and Turnkey’s Pauldrons (A) (Quest Vendor // Dungeon)
    Cape: Cape of the Dark Brotherhood (Dungeon)
    Chest: Front-Line Breastplate of aurora/quickblade (pvp)
    Wrists: Front-Line Armplates of aurora/quickblade (pvp)
    Hands: Skeletal Gauntlets (Dungeon)
    Belt: Stalwart Belt of aurora/quickblade (Random Dungeon)
    Leggings: Front-Line Legguards of aurora/quickblade (pvp)
    Boots: Front-Line Warboots of aurora/quickblade (pvp)
    Rings: Deep Fathom Ring / Murloc Oppressor’s Band / Recruit’s Signet of aurora/quickblade (pvp // Dungeon)
    Trinkets: Mark of Tyranny / Defending Champion / Insignia of H or A (pvp related heirlooms)
    Weapons: Darkwater Talwar (Prot) // Strike of the Hydra (Ret) // and BG intel wep of aurora/quickblade (holy)
    Shield: BG shield of aurora/quickblade (pvp)

    Extra Notes:
    Regarding Two Handed Weapons: The Strike of the Hydra is arguably one of the better, and underappreciated weapons for ret paladins because you can proc the weapon when using your ranged spells. Which helps tag and damage enemies when you are not, or you can not get in melee range. It also is terrific in keeping rogues and druids, or anyone with any cloak like ability from hiding for a limited time.

    Regarding Holy Paladins: One could argue that going for the Slither-Scale armor set in Wailing Caverns would be most beneficial due to the armor set bonus for intellect. It will cost you armor however because you would be wearing Mail armor, and not Platebody. If that interests you, please refer to a restoration shaman guide.

    Armorkits an Enchantments:
    Cape: +1 Armor (Enchanting Prof)
    Chest: +6 HP or 6 Absorption (Enchanting Prof)
    Wrists: +2 vers or +1 str (Enchanting Prof)
    Gloves: +1 armor (Leatherworking Prof)
    Leggings: +1 armor (Leatherworking Prof)
    Boots: +1 armor (Leatherworking Prof)
    Weapons: +1 dps (for single handers and 2 handers) // +3 vers (For blood elf 2 handers) // Wizard Oil (Holy only) (All require Enchanting Prof)
    Shield: +1 stam (Blood elf only) (Enchanting Prof)


    Prot: Redoubt (Raises block chance by 75% making total 85% for 8 seconds)
    Holy: Bestow Faith (Instant Cast heal with a 5 second delay)
    Ret: Righteous Verdict or Execution Sentence (Verdict raises the percentage dps of Verdict Spell, while Sentence gives you a ranged spell that both deals dps and weakens enemy to holy dps for 12 seconds)

    References: (Blood Elf Only) (Blood Elf Only)

    Example of F2P Paladin

    Specific Dungeon gear can be found in-game via the Adventure Guide
    Battleground gear is obtained via RNG system when you win random BGs.
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    Excellent work, Kadrak!
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    u need a hi lvl bro
    to help loot & trade mail armor as paladin
    no go on f2p

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