Is there anything good in the holiday bag?


Wowhead is showing that the pet and the key only show up in the max level bag so I'm guessing it's not worth dusting off my toons to throw at the horseman, but figured I'd ask here if anyone's seen either of them drop from the holiday bags before writing the whole idea off.
I am ride or die for Ravager after classic so I'll be grabbing one for memes
Rings can upgrade for a socket, so h possibly could? Not a high enough ilvl at 25 to get a SL Gem in it but eh


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I can confirm that rings drop off the boss. I had The Horseman's Ring drop off the boss today on my lvl 10 twink (The ring was epic, itemlvl 41)
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Just picked myself up a Ravager (ride or die for this axe all classic, Im even the one who came up with using The Lightning Capacitor, sappers and a bunch of other things to get TLC procs every spin during Hyjal trash) and noteably you can still get WF procs during a ravager spin and if its anything like classic it doesnt have an AoE cap on damage. Gonna go grab one on death knight and see if theres any talents that can be used with it

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