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EU Is lvl 99 epics worth anything on AH?

Discussion in 'Level 90-99' started by minihansen12, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. minihansen12

    minihansen12 Veteran

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    Currently got hold of a mail helmet + socket and a mail waist, both lvl 99. I have no idea what to list them for, or how to sell them :p Anyone got a idea what they're worth?
  2. Warglaive

    Warglaive Member

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    Waist is worthless for anyone with Legion, helm is best for slot and a socket is nice bonus... should get at least 20K for it, but probably more. Unless no one on your server cares about 99, then you wont. /shrug

    Not likely worth transferring for, they arent all that rare. Socket is pretty rare tho. good luck. :)

    edit- sorry, got my feet and head mixed up. There's 5 available for EU right now 98-99, some are low some are high. 98 with socket posted for 8k... 99 without posted for over 100K. Neither might sell. Both might. "Worth" is only what someone on your server will actually pay.

    For US on that page is only one up, exactly like yours, for 14K. It's all variable.
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  3. DeLindsay

    DeLindsay 10s4Lyf

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    98/99/100 Legion Epics;

    USELESS/AH Value = Chaos Crystal via Disenchant:
    • Chest
    • Gloves
    • Belt
    • Legs
    HIGHEST PRICE (10-25K+):
    DECENT PRICE: (5-15K+):
    • Helms
    • Shoulders
    • Bracer (Leather only)
    • Boots
    *If it has a Leech add a little to the Price (Speed isn't as useful, Indestructible is useless).
    **If it has a Socket add even more to the Price.
    ***If it has a Socket AND Leech, it is BiS for 98/99 but not for 100 (HFC Mythic is BiS, and can also proc Socket/Leech).

    EDIT: The Players listing 98/99 Legion Epics on Realms for 100/200 even 500K are complete idiots and will never see any of them sold for that price so don't let those skew your opinion. I've been AH Farming them since a week after Legion hit and my above prices are fairly average and it's also what I've purchased many 98/99 Epics for.
  4. Mkreturns

    Mkreturns Member

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    DO NOT DE.

    I sold a leather chest for 7k in about 30 mins. If you use AH addons theyre listed between 15-20k gold and bank toons don't know what's BIS for 99 twinking so they'll buy it.
  5. Woo

    Woo Member

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    I'd concur with what has already been said, but be warned, the market for 99 stuff is pretty slow, much slower than the market for 101 stuff. It's a very niche market, so it may take up to a month or more to sell the items, so the deposit costs can build up. I keep a close eye on the 99s market, and see the same items posted repeatedly with little change day to day.

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