Intergalactic explorers Recruiting and FUNDING [Horde]

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment + LFG' started by Sponsor, Jan 22, 2016.

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    Hello all and thanks for reading! :)

    We are making this thread with great pleasure and excitement to those interested!

    Intergalactic explorers is a level 10 Twink guild located on Bleeding Hollow HORDE and we are proud, and thrilled to say that we are currently funding any level 10s that are interested in joining the ranks amongst us!

    A little information about us!
    We recently created this guild, and have kept the advertisement from word of mouth between friends. We have mustered a solid amount of twinks this way, but we are looking to expand our numbers even further! We have 3 guild tabs full of BiS 10 twink BoEs that are just waiting to be used!

    What is the goal for our guild?
    Our goal as a guild is to begin to form a tightly knit level 10 community on Bleeding Hollow. We are just a bunch of friends having a good time hanging out on level 10 twinks. Several of us amongst the guild are hardcore 10 twinkers, such as myself, thus we continuously thrive to push the limits of level 10 twinks. We do all sorts of crazy things and the more we are, the better the outcomes tend to be!

    What kind of stuff can you expect in the guild?
    Well all sorts of things ranging from PvP, PvE, to just messing around! We mostly hang out in Redridge and Duskwood, where we enjoy spending time world PvPing against higher levels. In addition, for those die hard PvEers, we have the occasional group PvE too! You will be happy to hear that we are currently in the middle of planning a large scale raid-style PvE event similar to the Fel Reaver kill of last year.

    And of course, what is a community guild without the famous level 10 twinking mini events! We host weekly events with item/gold rewards for the hard earned victors. These events can take the form of races, FFAs, wargames (2v2, 3v3), and much more!

    Not too familiar with level 10 twinks or you simply have questions?
    Do not be shy! I will be frequently checking this thread, so if you have any uncertainties, or any questions, feel free to ask away. This is going to be relatively a stress free environment, so just ask away. Several of our guildies have twinked at level 10 for multiple years; use our knowledge! We want to help you out!

    How to join
    If you are interested in joining us, you can do so by either leaving a message down below or adding one (or all) of our officers!
    *this list will be updated
    • Kick#1611
    • Babycrusher#1648

    Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you in game!! :)

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