interested in buying into a 19s guild

Discussion in '19s (Vanilla)' started by subpar, Oct 10, 2019.

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    I hadn't played WoW in ages but came back for classic. I'm leveling a main (slowly) and a 29 hunter (actually lvl 22 but I have all the BoEs) and its fun, but I want a 19 as well.

    The thing is I only play a few hours max daily, and not ever day. What I'm looking for is a guild/person that will most importantly be active once BGs come out...but also will trade me gear or gold for RL money via venmo/paypal.

    Down to play anything, but I'm leaning towards a horde lock or priest. Any faction, any server. I'm admittedly rusty BUT I'm also not an idiot, and can competently pvp.

    dm me ;o
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