Hunter 8.1

Discussion in 'Level 60-69' started by Laernyth, Oct 26, 2018.

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    Yeah looks like it's going to be pretty fun for MM Hunters.

    Trueshot Aura looks really strong now - thank god the reduced the damage bonus on the careful aim - that would have been too much. I still think it's going to hit super strong though!

    I wish they gave the possibility of old survival style of play. Unfortunately Careful Aim is just so much stronger than explosive shot atm, especially with those QoL changes.

    Sniper Shot - I personally hate % health abilities. I think they are lame and don't have any place in the game, pve or pvp. Especially against something like a hunter where only hard cc will stop the cast.

    Rapid Fire - Good change. It was getting interrupted too often and didn't behave like other channelled spells (BUT WHY SHOULD IT!? IT'S A HUNTER FIRING AN ARROW THROUGH A PILLAR, HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?! I don't know, but I think the change will be good.)

    Steady Shot changes - Cool. QoL change I guess. Just wish they'd change the talent to allow the stacks to stay on even if you use another ability.

    Overall I think Marksman will have a great time. It will all be the same build of Murder of Crows, Careful Aim & Hunters Mark (maybe streamline but I doubt it). Until they make explosive shot stronger and serpent sting baseline I will continue to mourn my old survival hunter.

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