How to: Debuff in xp on bgs


You will need: 2 accounts or a friend (the xpoff account does not need to be subbed)
-wow1 will have a toon with exp locked
-wow2 will have your level 19-69 geared twink for bgs

Steps: 1.) Bing both of your toons to a dungeon entrance, but don't go in yet.

2.) With exp enabled queue for a battleground on your twink. (wow2)

3.) When a battleground pops, invite your exp locked toon, but do not enter battleground.

3.) Have both toons enter the dungeon

4.) You should see a xpdebuff on your twink (wow2) and can enter the battleground.

notes: the debuff says 5 mins but will refresh in combat, leaving before the battleground ends will also significantly increase the number of games you can get before you level


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