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US Horde - <One Mom Door> Legacy Project Recruitment!

Discussion in '70-79s Guild Recruitment' started by Poongoon, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Hello! I'm Poongoon, the voice behind PoongoonTV, a stream/channel/community that <One Mom Door> was built around.

    We're a World of Warcraft community in a broad sense, in that we have players level 1, 110, and everything in between. While we do participate in Legion content together from time to time, a core focus of our community has been a WoW legacy project that we started together roughly two months ago.

    The idea of the project is simple, a group of us together raid ALL WoW raids from start to finish, prior to legion. Molten Core to Hellfire Citadel. We started with a group of roughly 12 in vanilla, and cleared MC, BWL, AQ40, and AQ10. Now we have progressed to the burning crusade, where we have already completed Gruuls,SSC,TK,Hyjal, and are progressing in Sunwell. (BT will have to come last due to recent buffs.)

    While we may be moving the project to Wrath very soon, we are in desperate need of someone who can fill the role of MAIN TANK. We will also accept players filling the roles of healer and dps. Currently we have a stable roster of around 12-15 raiders, but with the loss of one of our main tanks, I would like to fill this spot as soon as possible.

    If you are interested in seeing further information about the project, please check out our ruleset/signup sheet here:


    Please feel free to contact me, or stop by our "Legacy Project" section on the offical PoongoonTV discord!

    Or check out our latest raid! Hyjal and Sunwell!

    Hope to hear from you soon guys!!!
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