Hi! I'm going to try to make a server!

Discussion in 'Private Servers' started by m0dnaros, Jan 18, 2020.

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    Hi! I'm m0dnar, and I'm going to try to in my spare time recreate something akin to the murloc village from scratch.

    This means every twink bracket including allotment for 60s, ability to change level at any time, every item will be available from the jump, there will be no custom items.

    Enchantments/professions etc. will all be available.

    The sole purpose of this server is going to be a place for classic players to come who want to twink, test builds, just play and have fun w/ friends etc. who have a passion for twinking and theorycrafting.

    Note: I will be taking feedback, if you think there's anything wrong with any aspect of my premise, or anything that could improve it, let me know.

    It will run on 1.12.1a
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