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Hi Guys! I got many Quesions!

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by Pooh, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. Pooh

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    Hi everyone, its good to be back! If you don't remember me, I am Pooh. I played in the 20-24 bracket back in Mists of Pandaria. The guy with the many horde pandas. I recently got back to level 20 PvP, and I have seen many drastic changes. But enough of all that nonsense. I got a lot of questions:

    First of all, what changes has there been since in PvP since legion?
    What changes has there been to the forum and rules? I see that Twinkinfo has changed a lot as well. From the name to the entire website format.
    Are there any new things I can get as a F2P? ( Darkmoon Faire, Transmog, etc.)
    What is BiS for my level (20)?
    What classes are the best for PvP? Specs?
    Is there any items I should get that can replace my old gear?
    I have seen new loot boxes for whenever you win a battleground. Does my item level effect the rate I can get a rare armor piece?
    What items specifically drop from these crates?
    Is it still possible for me to solo run dungeons for a specific armor piece I need?

    Thank you if I do get a reply and I hope to see many familiar faces in-game!
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  2. Goatee

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    I'm just gonna answer the ones I might know a little more about... sorry :(

    1) PVP in legion is a lot more about skill and ilvl than enchants and level. Higher the ilvl piece of the gear, the higher the stats inside bg's are. (But the stats don't vary much because it is a template)

    2) You can now get defilers tabard :) (Arathor for Alliance)

    3) BiS really depends on toon, but for the most part you will want the (RNG) blue bg gear from winning random bgs.

    4) Survival and Arms is very strong, but most classes can be played in the bracket.

    5) Marks of Honor, Green/Blue bg gear drop in the bg crates, but the marks of honor and blue bg gear is VERY RNG.

    And finally, for the Dungeon part, it really depends what dungeon you're talking about and if you think you're good enough to solo the tougher ones. But for me, SFK and below is soloable.
  3. Bestworld

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    All of the information you seek doesn't take long to look up on the site, however I guess I'll help you out a little...

    There are following changes:

    All of your stats in instanced PvP (BG's/arena) are pre-determined through a template system that Blizzard introduced in Legion. This template is different depending on class and spec. The only thing that's transparent in the template is that you can gain stats by maximizing your ilvl. However, the possible stat-gain is miniscule. We are talking a few extra %, like 1-3% or so.
    The template also takes into account whether you have all your slots equipped, and whether you have the armor-appropriate type equipped. I.e. leather-wearers are meant to wear leather, cloth-wearers are meant to wear cloth etc. If you meet all standards you get a 5% increase by default, simply by just having every slot equipped, and wearing the appropriate armor type.

    Website/forum rules: https://xpoff.com/forums/rules-and-guidelines.342/

    Any new things for f2p? Unsure. I heard that f2p's have a weird standing financially currently (idk if bug or not), but people can't seem to sell anything that goes above 10g, and some other trash items that f2p's usually had stocked as their financials. Maybe some f2p's can elaborate on that part.

    BiS gear is basically wearing appropriate armor types, and then focus on maxing out ilvl. Weapons are a bit different. Since the new normalizing of weapons, weapon speed isn't a factor you can aim for anymore in the same sense you could before (slower weapons hit harder). Instead, you should go for rarity of the item. I will make a post later on this info, I don't think it has been made public actually. So for weapon Orange>Purple>blue>green>white>grey. The highest rarity item will scale the best. If you go below epic rarity, you may have to take into account the item level comparisons between the available options that you have. But if you have an ilvl 1 epic (i.e. Miniature Winter Veil Tree), it's going to be better than any blues or greens etc. ilvl 1 epic dagger > any other rarity below despite the ilvl differences. This applies to all weapon types, I just used dagger as an example.

    If possible, you want to get high ilvl whites for neck and rings, primarily Problem Solving Pendant for Neck, and The rock x2 for rings.
    For trinket you want the STV fishing trinket (the one from winning the extravaganza), or Arena Grand Master. Other than that, just go for whatever max ilvl you can get for armor pieces (as long as they are your appropriate armor type). It's basically gonna be the blue drops from the crates you get from winning a random BG.

    The only thing that affects what you get from the boxes from winning a random BG is your character level. It doesn't give you a higher chance, but it determines what ilvl gear you can get. Loot is class specific from the boxes, meaning you get appropriate armor types. However, the loot is not class specific, so if you play a druid for instance, you can still get agility staffs, simply because you are able to equip one, but it's essentially useless if you play boomkin etc.

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