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US Herold of the titans

Discussion in 'Level 80-89' started by Klok, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Klok

    Klok Member

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    Im making this post to see if anyone has interest in getting this FoS. I'm in the process of leveling a tank and I am looking for a few people to do this with. I imagine it would only take a group of 5 with the the way everything scales now. Add me on btag if you are interested in this Klok#1193

    Ill be following Asmongolds gearing guide and the wowhead link is just a basic rundown of what it entails.


    Edit* I forgot to mention this will be a horde group
  2. sti

    sti Veteran

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    You're going to want a full group, tanks take the dick and healers get out healed by tanks.

    Edit: When I helped a friend get his title a few weeks ago, our OT was getting 2 hit (warrior) and our blood dk (me) was pulling 5.5k hps but the hp drops and jumps constantly. I'd say our dps was reasonable, couple ppl at 5k, some at 4k, rest around 3k