US Help me decide: Ret or WW?

Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by Batts, Apr 8, 2016.

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    I quit wow several months ago, but I'll be moving back to the states pretty shortly, and am vaguely considering making a new 19.

    I'm a semi experienced 19, with a good deal of general twinking/pvp experience in other brackets/expansions, but living in Japan makes it rough to catch decent games and the high-ish ping makes the fast-paced gameplay/positioning pretty frustrating.

    I have several alts already, but with how few games I make it to I wouldn't say I have a ton of experience on any of them, and I wouldn't say I've found the niche I'm really interested in yet. <-rsham <-Arms war <- Dime-a-dozen boomkin <- demo lock(for fun, have destro gear.) <- Arcane mage (for fun, haven't even used it yet :< )

    I'm thinking a utility melee DPS would be pretty cool to play D/escort FCs/punish frontline DPS in mid, offheal, get some clutch CCs with etc.

    To that end, what's the general consensus between WW and ret as to which is more fun/useful?
    WW has the option of going BM(albeit expensive as fuck if I want to actually kit it out with defias) but I already have an arms war for semi-mindless frontlining.

    Would appreciate some thoughts.
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    Hey man! been a while since I've seen you around. Uni picked up so I had to stop playing US in the dead of night and focus on my studies (He says typing on XPoff forums at 4am...)

    I would go WW personally. I feel its more versatile than ret overall due to the mobility.
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