Healers in BGs lopsided since patch 8.1.5

Discussion in 'Battle for Azeroth' started by shanker, Jul 11, 2019.

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    i saw this in the streamed chat, asking for role limits in BGs again

    blizzard has a system, i have observed starting in WOTLK concerning what i call "the healer flip switch" which imo is used at the start of expacs to aid healer leveling by overpowering or to ensure less hinderance in leveling.

    i will start at MOP, players on beta fed blizzard false information on healer weakness, blizzard blue basically responded that they will deal with it like previous expacs. MOP released and healers were god mode, ton of QQ on forums, took blizzard like 6 healing nerfs thru hotfix/patches over 2/3 of the expac to bring them down.

    BG no role limit queing
    healers in repetitively being OP lead to QQ when X-class healers qued DPS, and they were powerful DPS but also OP in healing causing lopsided sided imbalanced BGs, rigged RBGs.

    BG role limit queing prior to BFA patch 8.1.5
    after QQ, blizzard limited healers based on BGs, and forced spec swap if you qued/specd wrong. so a disco queing DPS will be force flipped in shadow spec in BG, also no changing specs within a BG.

    BGs after BFA patch 8.1.5
    forced spec swap if you qued/specd wrong is still inplace, as we know healers limits were removed. again, the reason why...imo, based on past actions, it due to the addition of new races and not wanting to hinder players rolling healers having to face excessive que times.

    some may point out that new races where added late in legion, and there was no change. the situation was different, in that adding new races added late expac filler content which required no changes to the BG system where as BFA is still new when more races where added, BFA imo had issues, losing subs, and ATVI overall was in mass decline
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    The analysis makes sense.

    Unfortunately, a healer advantage almost always mean a win or a very dominating lose (the ones where the other team wins but gets almost no kills).

    Stealth changes are very frustrating but maybe after negative feedback and the subs from 8.2 stabilize we can see this changed.

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