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So I'm pretty new to twinking, or the FTP Level 20 part of it atleast. I got a few questions regarding FTP restrictions and what happens when u get 1 month of sub and then keep the account unsubbed after.

1. Once I'm subbed once and lose the Sub does the account stay on "BFA" expansion or does it revert back to starter account?
2. Does level 20's get locked when u lose subscription?
3. Are any kind of trade and Action House locked again after losing the 1 month of subscription.
4. Can i acces all xpac (except SL/BFA atm) as a FTP lvl20 or do i need to have bought subscription atleast once?

Ever since the Pre-Patch hit and some things changed I'm pretty confused atm especially since i never done FTP twinking. Any awnser and further tips are highly appreciated
Brief shorthand:
F2P=account which never had a subscription
Vet=account which has subbed at least once, but now doesn't have an active sub. [Or what you're thinking of making]

A longer answer to each of the 4 questions:
1. A Shadowland (SL) account [an account where one bought the Shadowland expansion] will continue to be a SL account [having some access to SL zones at least], whether one's sub is off or not.

Level 20s on SL accounts may have trouble getting to a SL zone though due to level requirements [quests that lead one to the next set of zones often have a level requirement], though if it's like previous expansions some time ago, that SL-vet-20 could be summoned to one of those most-current zones through a mage portal or warlock summon. Non-SL accounts of course can't access those zones/etc., though characters from non-SL accounts can still buy SL-enchants/consumables/etc. from other players (if one can use those, which is another question [based on level and ilvl requirements]).

2. No, level 20s don't get locked when one lets their subscription lapse. Only characters level 21 and greater get locked when a sub lapses.

3. Once you let your sub lapse, the starter restrictions kick in on your ex-sub account, which includes no ability to use mail or AH [that includes no ability to see AH listings either].

If you ever want to get an idea of the AH market for your server while your sub is down, you can reference theunderminejournal, among other possible sources outside WoW.
In the past (not sure if this is still the case), the only time a "starter/vet" can access mail is if it's from a blizz GM or from item restoration [I'll need to double-check that item restoration part. Was a possibility some time ago, though I'm unsure if it still is).

Minor detail to note: if a F2P/Vet 20 has more than the starter gold cap [which is unclear as of this time, as F2Ps currently can hold more than 10g. To me, it's unclear if it's a bug or intended], or has a profession level greater than 100 on a profession, neither the gold or profession level goes down once the restrictions kick in. Gold goes down over time though due to repair bills/etc. if it's above the starter gold cap.

Long time ago though, I had a 255 profession go down to 100 when I did the DMF profession dailies [or similar profession dailies]. I don't know if that's still a situation or not though. Re-subbing didn't restore that profession level either. That said, there's many Vet characters here who, with sub off, continue to keep the high engineering profession levels to use gears/trinkets/bombs/etc. with no hiccups like that.

4. Currently, F2Ps can access Vanilla to BFA zones, with no mage or warlock assistance needed now.

Historically, if current expansion is expansion #N, F2Ps were able to access expansion #(N-1) zones [though mage or warlock summon was needed sometimes, like such assistance (before SL now) was needed for F2Ps to reach Outland and Pandaria, while F2Ps were able to travel to Northrend, WoD, and Legion zones by themselves]. Sometimes access to #(N-1) zones was delayed until expansion #(N-1) was added to the battlechest.
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Thanks for the explanation, really appreciate it. This cleared up alot of things for me right now. I did notice on a FTP 20 my exp keep ticking up even passed level 20. Once i activate a subscription does the exp instantly grant the levels savedup with the exp? I saw a couple of threads saying u can disable exp before getting sub and play for a month. After the month u disable it again when u back to a FTP character. Is that right?
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That's called banked experience, and once that account has a sub up and that 20 is logged in, that banked experience is immediately applied and can instantly level your character once that F2P account is activated with a sub.

Also (noting the difference between a F2P and Vet): F2P 20s get banked experience, while Vet 20s [with xp-on, or no xp-off through NPCs] do not. That includes new 20s on a vet account.

If you're leveling/gearing a F2P 20 before turning it to a Vet 20, you can stop the growth in banked experience by turning off/locking your exp at a specific rogue-NPC in Stormwind and Orgrimmar [costs 10g]. It stops the gain of exp, but it won't erase your banked experience. A F2P 20 who's exp-locked also won't level when its activated with a sub, but once that xp-off is turned to xp-on (to be able to queue battlegrounds or arena skirmishes), that banked exp can (or will) instantly level you.

Also, F2P 20s (and sub-off Vet 20s, or simply Vet 20s) can't queue for battlegrounds while they're exp-off.
On that note, there's xp-on and xp-off battlegrounds/arenas [and xp-off players like xp-off 29s can't join xp-on battlegrounds or arena skirmishes], and F2P and Vet 20s are placed in the xp-on bracket [at least since start of BFA. In older expansions, F2P and Vet 20s were placed in xp-off 20-29 bracket]. And an active sub is needed to queue for a xp-off battleground [wargames is a different story].
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This is extremely helpful. Thanks a lot for the answers!

Going to start subbing and let the account run for a month while exp locked at 20 while preparing the twink(s) itself.

Really appreciate ur time for this :)
If your F2P-soon-to-be-Vet 20 has enough banked experience to level up, I'd advise remaking that F2P 20 while you can [else it will level once it's xp-oned to enable battleground/arena queues].

If the banked experience isn't that high yet, yes: lock your xp on your F2P-soon-to-be-Vet 20, and then get ready to turn on xp before sub expires. Supposedly F2Ps and Vets now can xp-on and off now [not sure yet], though in BFA and older expansions, F2Ps and Vets were able to xp-lock, but couldn't undo the xp-lock without requiring GM assistance.
No worries, already deleted the one with banked exp since it had 1 level already. Gonna start remaking the character tomorrow and play from that point on :)

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