Evokers get a Third Spec...

What do you think about the Evoker's 3rd spec?

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And it's not a tank.

The specialization selection screen, with the new third specialization (Augmentation) highlighted.

It's a massive disappointment. Remember back when people were screaming about adding High Elves to the game and we got Void Elves? Well, this time everyone wanted a Tank Spec for Evokers and we get 2 DPS specs instead. I guess the real kicker is that the current DPS spec feels somewhat clunky to play as it stands, so seeing them add another DPS spec just feels odd. Reminds me that Blizzard is just out there to screw with their playerbase.

(Full Article - https://worldofwarcraft.blizzard.co...s-with-the-augmentation-evoker-specialization)
Supposedly a support class that will actively buff the party… could be cool if done right.
Some article this week rumored mentioned Mage/Rogue getting this kind of spec and 'I was Mages and Rogues already have 3 specs what are you talking about?!'.

But not sure why Demon Hunter would get a 3rd spec, as it appears that the Evoker 3rd spec is a healing/DPS hybrid vs a Tank/DPS duality.

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