Early SL druids Dreamwalk

Discussion in '20s (Shadowlands)' started by Chey, Jun 19, 2022.

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  1. Chey

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    This may be known already but just in case you did your Druid orderhall campaign early in shadowlands you may not have got your teleport "Dreamwalk" spell.

    This is because essentially it changes/overrides your teleport moonglade spell that we do not get until level 22.

    Similar to the DH spell (cant remember the name) at some point they have changed this so when you do your Legion orderhall at what ever level you get this spell.

    I opened a ticket and a GM added it for me. See below my ticket and response as it worked for me.

    ME: Hi Friend, I have completed the Druid legion order hall intro and quest lines on my level 20 (Stones) but I cant see the quest reward teleport [Dreamwalk] in my spell book. That means I cant teleport my druid to the Emerald Dreamway. Could you please help me?

    Blizz Support: automated response due to high ticket numbers etc.
    ME: Problem Still Not Resolved [BOX]

    GM: Greetings Blank! \(^▽^)/ Game Master Talseiatel here and I understand that youare missing your Dreamway teleport spell. Well Blank, I took a look at your character and indeed something went wrong! But no worries, I took care of it ^^ You should now have the spell in your spell book and you're ready to go! As for the previous message not being very helpful, we apologize. It's an automated response with general troubleshooting we send out when we are swamped with work ^^ Should there be anything else you might need, just reach us, I'll be here to find the best solution for you! I hope to see you fight the forces of the Maw besides me in the future! Good luck with your adventures in Zereth Mortis!! ᗜ( `⌂´)¤=[]:::::>
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    I have yet to find a single recent GM answer that doesn't contains those pasted emoji :rolleyes:
    Thanks for the tip, it's rare to get competent GMS ;)
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    Fyi it still took me 2 GMs to get them to add dreamwalk. And multiple multiple attempts after the start of SL that failed.

    If you’re missing it, reference this article that blizz support posted as evidence. It wasn’t until I linked them the article and sent them the quest ID and completed status on my character before they even acknowledged the issue :rolleyes:


    credit zazzy ^
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    here to confirm that i was also able to get dreamwalk granted to my 20 druid who unlocked dreamgrove orderhall during SL prepatch. my toon underwent a faction/name change and still kept the relevant character data/flags to be granted the spell.

    just an FYI: my toon was portaled/traveled to the next quest NPC in the orderhall quests by the gm when they did this

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