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People have been indicating that they may be interested in a draft-style pugmade tournament. The purpose of this would be to allow people to play with people they don't normally play with in a competitive format without accusations/occurrences of team stacking. I am willing to organize and do admin for this and think it would be really fun. This idea is a WIP. I want your feedback on my proposed rules to make sure this tournament is fair, fun, and realistic enough to pull off.


How the draft would work

  • Everyone would submit themselves on a google form to provide what classes they are willing to play and confirm they are free on the (presumably three) days (Sundays?) we’d run this on. From there, they would be assigned their class for the draft. The reason for assignments is so that there is class balance in the draft. It’s possible we could allow people to “flex” dps roles, but if you are assigned a priest, you are tied to that role to prevent the draft coming out to having not enough priests.
  • There would be four FC “captains” who would be the ones actually drafting players. I have contacted some FCs in the bracket who have graciously agreed to serve as team captains.
  • The draft would run in a snake draft format with order of selection decided by the FCs /rolling. The FC would be allowed to pick people in any order they want, and are encouraged to be strategic about which roles they fill first.
  • FC also assigns flex roles. If, for instance, you sign up as a shaman or hunter, the FC will determine whether you play a shaman or a hunter, so make sure you only sign up for roles you are willing to play.
  • On the player list released to captains, I will list each player’s available class. If we end up in a situation where one class is overrepresented, I reserve the right to remove the option for some people with alts to play that class.
  • Due to the nature of the draft system, some people will be picked last. By signing up for this, you would be confirming that you are mature enough to not take this personally and not throw a fit about it if you’re picked toward the end.

Team Rules
  • No team may be composed of more than 50% players from one guild.
  • Each team must conform to standard comp rules – no more than two of one class, no more than three total healing classes outside of FC.
  • You can play whatever meta you want. If you want to play double mage D, that’s between you and your god.
Game Rules
  • Tournament is a single-elimination bracket.
  • Games are best of three unless the first game goes longer than two hours, in which case the winner of that game is declared the winner of the round. Please don’t be an asshole and stall a game just to get the W; we all want to go to bed.
  • Only allowed consumes are: 1) No-stat food and water 2) Minor Recoms 3) Bandages 4) Health/mana pots
  • Banned consumes include savory deviates. Sorry.
  • No stump jump, shelf jump in alliance connector, or safespotting (obviously).
  • If the caster or volunteer referee determines that a game has been “deathballing” for more than 30 minutes straight, the teams will be forced into fifty yard line splits.
  • In order for there to be an actual draft experience that is still fair and not a logistical nightmare for me, this tournament would likely need to be Horde-only. I'd love your thoughts on that.
  • We could do this tournament one of two ways: A tournament that takes place over three successive weeks for the two semi-final game sets and the final game set, or a one-day marathon. it seems like everyone is mostly available Sundays based on when premades have been, but I'd likely put a question on the google form about when people are available. My inclination is option one, but I welcome your ideas.
  • I think October is soon enough that it won't be a long drawn-out process but far enough away that people have time to move plans in their calendars. Does October sound doable to you guys, or do you think later or sooner would be better?
  • I'd love any other thoughts you have!! I want this to be successful and fun, and if we all put our heads together I know we can pull off a great event :)
EDIT: Sign up here: https://forms.gle/GNA65QzrPkaQTZsT9
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Sounds like a great idea +1
I have thought about something like this for years, even like in WoD / Legion days and how it would be cool.

Really hope it works :D
Cool idea for sure!

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