Doing the right thing at the wrong time

Discussion in '19s (Vanilla)' started by Charax, Jun 29, 2020 at 3:57 PM.

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    Yesterday, I inhibited the avatar of Citadel Lightstorm, a holy-specced Paladin rocking a whopping 650 mana. I'm an oddball that likes to challenge myself by outplaying others despite a major gear disadvantage. I've grinded out 11 toons to honored in the 19 bracket and I have a bunch more to go. You never know when a Charax played toon is in your match!

    I thought I would share an interesting story that happened in Warsong Gulch. Citadel Lightstorm had the flag. I rarely have the flag. I don't like to hold the flag ever (I did it in retail for too long, and I don't grok the mobile jumping meta that has poisoned Classic). But there I was... holding the flag, sitting in my graveyard by myself, awaiting my fate.

    A twink rogue materializes and there is nothing I could reasonably do. I don't have a foot enchant and my stun won't buy me much time to get away. I jump from the GY but die shortly thereafter.

    No one else is around. The rogue pauses, clearly buying time for his FC to race to the cap. It's rare to see this discipline in the Gulch. I confess that I was always quick to return a flag because my historical mindset was the more objective stats you accumulate (caps/returns), the better you are playing. But even a Battleground Superstar continues to augment his game.

    The rogue is clearly doing the right thing. Or did he?

    Would you do the same?

    Let's see what actually happened.

    Citadel Lightstorm released right away but I was prompted to rez immediately due to the proximity of my corpse. The rogue did not immediately return the flag. The high-speed computer brain of Charax cranks out the best course of action. Milliseconds later, I accept the rez and immediately jump down and regrab the flag from the surprised rogue. Since my stun was on cooldown, perhaps he accounted for a quick rez and thought he could easily dispatch a low health body rezzed "leveler".

    True pro players ALWAYS save their important cooldowns. They don't activate sprint to preserve their life or to chase a meaningless kill midfield. Citadel Lightstorm casted Lay on Hands and proceeded to run midfield, pinging madly on the mini-map for support.

    The cavalry came, snared the rogue and killed the rogue. Our O takes down the EFC at the same time, and Citadel Lightstorm caps the flag.

    What should have been an 0-1 deficit turned out to be a 1-0 lead. The Horde were demoralized and the Alliance eventually ground out the win.

    The moral of the story is that you shouldn't expect the unlikely possibility that the leveling geared opponent is actually Battleground Superstar Charax. The rogue did the right thing and should continue to do the same thing in the future.

    While I did "/lol" at the rogue a few times, he eventually did "/cry" on my shoulder later in the match. I wish I hugged him. It really wasn't his fault.
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    While the writing style wasn't my cup of tea, I found the story thoughtfully provocative, and I'm glad you posted it.
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