Thanks for the support guys! I appreciate every comment :D

Fantastic man! Looking forward to it. Was great to have a link to the Samson vid that narratively precedes the Unholy tale
which I found most excellent as well; particularly the delicious guilty pleasure soundtrack.
Yeah I am more about the narrative then skillful gameplay lol.

Was that song near the end super gore nest?
That was "The only thing they fear is you" by Family Jules.

Damn that looks awesome Chey.
I was disappointed when I saw it’s only the trailer.
Can I put a request in for an episode ‘Unholy to Blood’ ;)
LoL Hawk. Could be some cool blood themes I guess.
[doublepost=1656724678,1656723995][/doublepost]Ok it's done! Had completed half already and the rest kind of fell into place hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to people such as Depressed, Kaxle, Souledge, Quaterpounder and even Hawk on his blood that inspired me to make the class. Obviously not in the same league, however I hope you all still enjoy my beginner level montage. The spec has a lot of potential and I had a heap of fun making this one.


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