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    Hello everyone. ßlackout with (ß) here.

    Once again its time for my guild, [Defectum] to rise up and take on the challange of 19.

    We will focus on building up our Premade 10man team again.
    in order to do so we need active and dedicated players.

    We have standards and not everyone will be considered in order to keep our guild on a high scale.
    We take battlegrounds very seriouse and allways go for the objective but we still allow people to have fun so the game is enjoyable for everyone.

    Guild Rules: (will be added soon)

    What Defectum has to offer:
    • Friendly atmosphere.
    • Consumables for pugs and premades.
    • A special Guild bank with every useable lvl 19 twink item (GF included) to allways help people get Best in Slot items for every situation.
    • Help with gearing / AGM boost.
    • Possible funding.
    • Active members allways ready to help.
    • Advice on how to improve .
    • Focus on becomeing the best.

    What we expect from you:
    • Understandable English.
    • Good Attitude.
    • Active.
    • Working Mic (TeamSpeak).
    • Allways keep your gear up to date.
    • Strive to improve.

    Application Form:
    • Btag (*) :
    • Age :
    • Why do you want to be part of this guild? :
    • 19 twink experience / end-game experience :
    • 19 Twinks : (link armory)
    • Activity from 1-10 :
    • Mic : Yes/No
    • Why should we pick you? :
    • Other Information :
    (copy post the "Application Form" and post it in the comment or send it in a PM/ingame)

    [1] There is no specific restriction for age, however it is something we may take into consideration.
    [2] Points marked with (*) dosnt need to be answered

    For more info feel free to contact me here on TI or ingame (Mrbestslayer#2463)
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    Btag: Dexaqt#2547
    Age: 16
    1: I want to help get more activity and have a nice experience.
    2. 19 twinks: Played in TBC/WOTLk, resumed it in WoD.
    3: Déxaqt @ Eonar - Community - World of Warcraft
    4: about a 7
    5: Yes i've got an mic
    6: I'll strive to improve and have a good time with other guildies.

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    friendly bump :) gl m8
  4. Mayed

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    GL mate <3

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