Current state of F2P/Vet Level 20s in Dragonflight zones


Unless DF profession changes with the future next expansion if unlocked like Shadowlands was, pretty much every profession is locked behind level 60ish to the F2P/Vet.

With DF on your vet account, any level 10-20 with Dragonriding unlocked via a DF character, can do the basic Dragon Riding skills (two that I see even through I've unlock four on my level 65) but none of the Dragon riding glyphs activate. Your other non-dragon riding mounts work but without the Darkmoon Cannon some flight points or dragon riding hopping, and other areas are not easy to reach. Plus, there are a few flight points locked behind the Dragonflight campaign.

Not sure if I was phased but it seemed while dragon riding on my level 20, not many hostile mobs, herbing and other nodes locked behind level 58, and treasure nodes push you away when you try to access them.

I have not fully tested Dragonflight fishing without the DF fishing unlock on a level 20 but causal fishing was not catching anything with a fully geared character all fishing up to Dragonflight maxed, a Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole (IMO the best fishing pole for F2P if not a Warlock or Undead or having underwater breathing potions) , one of the fishing skill bluff lures, the fishing totem, a fishing hat and the Boots of the Bay equipped.

I do note some of the vendors were available but items were level locked for the most part.
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