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Discussion in 'Level 70-79' started by Tirionjr, Jun 11, 2020.

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    Looking for testers for a 70 twink server project.
    This server is in the Pre Alpha Stage, this means that all desicions are not final and may be changed given some thought, ideas are also very welcomed as this is a server for a community of twinks

    Server will be based on 3.3.5a, with custom edits.

    Examples of edits:
    - Increased talents points (more customization and new metas)
    - Shadowstep can be cast on friendly units
    - Water Elemental can be summoned every minute (no downtime unless killed)
    -Sprint CD Reduced to 1 minute
    (All custom changes can and will be changed in the coming time, Everything is opened to sugestions)

    - Instant 70
    - Crossfaction battlegrounds
    - Unlimited character customizations/faction rerolls etc.
    - When you create your character you will be automaticly dressed in Season 2 Gear depending on your class. The starter gear vendor gives items 128 ilvl and below. The next vendor will be honor based and will sell items 128 ilvl up to ilvl 141. And So on.
    - Weekly Arena resets will be reset every day

    If you have questions, want to be a tester or have anything else in mind related to this project, feel free to shoot us a text @ Linguster#6619 or Tirion#4480 https://discord.gg/PbZWgY
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    im gonna log on eventually

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