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US Come to Thrall-Horde

Discussion in '20-29s Guild Recruitment' started by Black5, Dec 7, 2016.

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  1. Black5

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    I have joined three so called 29 guilds in the past 2 weeks.

    One was OK. They got along and were a bit organized but they are Alliance. Nothing personal but I am Horde.

    The other two guilds are just bad. NO organization, no idea how to play and just plain suck.
    Example: I finally convinced four of the twelve online members to form a premade. We got into an AB and our healer would only heal his pally friend who IGNORED the enemy healers. Myself and another member of our team kept pressure on the enemy healers and got zero heals. After we lost the healer was like "Oh, I am just having fun".

    Here is an open invitation to 5-10 Hordies who are willing to play under these conditions

    1. Make two toons on Thrall-Horde
    2. One must be a healer
    3. You will be supported with jewelry and dungeon runs
    4. You are willing to play in premades and rotate as dps/healer
    5. You know the basics of winning WSG, AB and EoTS.
    6. You are willing to help farm/buy/make Gliders, Swiftthistle and Bandaids as much you can.

    Contact Bläckjäck on Thrall by mail or whisper after 7pm central time.

  2. SharkShark

    SharkShark NWA can go F themselves

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    Didn't this get moved, yesterday?

    Ally needs the help not Horde. It's the thought that counts though.

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