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Discussion in '19s (Vanilla)' started by Charax, Sep 10, 2020.

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    Hey guys, Charax Silvershield here!

    As a customary gesture to the community, I like to share some pro tips to lesser players with the goal of improving the overall competitiveness of the bracket. In simpler terms, I am Robin Hood giving out coppers of knowledge to the suffering.

    Often, people ask, "Charax, how do you squeeze out so much performance from your priestess? You're always dispelling, buffing and healing and never seem to run out of mana!"

    Indeed, my Priestess of Elune, Silvershard, is a dominant piece on the battlefield despite only having 452 health unbuffed. I will now share one of my secret Charax Elite Macros below:

    #showtooltip Conjured Purified Water
    /use Conjured Purified Water
    /cast Shadowmeld(Racial)

    This macro will allow a single click to commence drinking and also to instantaneously disappear from the sight of dirty Horde. Often, Silvershard will be fortifying her allies and causing mayhem to her enemies and seconds later, vanishes in the middle of the onslaught to only reappear moments later to lead Alliance to victory!

    Those adept at analyzing macros will see that both abilities can only be utilized when outside of combat and they are instant cast abilities so it is a nice marriage to pair them together.

    I have prepared an FAQ to answer some questions that many of you may assuredly ask.

    FAQ: Charax Elite Macros

    What if I don't have Conjured Purified Water? Will this Charax Elite Macro still work?

    Initiating the Charax Elite Macro in that situation will cause your character to vanish but then have an unquenched thirst. Alterations can be made to the Charax Elite Macro to suit your drink of choice but the complexities of that go beyond the intended audience of this guide.

    Is this macro suitable for all situations when your characters thirsts?

    If your character has a DOT (damage-over-time) on him/her, then activating the Charax Elite Macro will proceed normally but then a DOT tick will remove your shadowmeld, possibly subjecting you to attack and thus disrupting your drinking.

    This is a rather complex situation and I will try to keep this at a high level. You may consider just drinking, wait out the DOT, and then shadowmeld. This is especially useful if the DOT has scant time remaining on it. If the DOT has an extended amount of time, and vanishing for a second or two is important, you may consider activating the Charax Elite Macro.

    I may conduct a Master's Class on this particular topic if there is high interest.

    This Macro seems limited to just Kaldorei mana users. Can this be used by others?

    The Charax Elite Macro, as written, is primarily aimed at Kaldorei priests, druids and hunters.

    In an advanced tutorial, I will demonstrate how to alter the Charax Elite Macro to consume food instead of water, which would be primarily useful to both warriors and rogues, and indeed some benefit to all Kaldorei classes.

    In a graduate level class, this Charax Elite Macro can be extended to consume both food and drink while vanishing.

    I will post advance notice when these sessions will be scheduled.

    If anyone has any questions on this, please let me know and I will do my best to answer as many queries as possible.

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