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EU+US Champion Equipment available for Nethershards

Discussion in 'Level 100-109' started by PhenomTitan, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. PhenomTitan

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    New with the latest patch, but undocumented:

    You can now buy Champion Equipment crates for 250 Nethershards from Warmage Kathleen on the Broken Shore

    I bought a few and got some epic original equipment at 101. Probably quicker then the Curious Coin grind.
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  2. Garden

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    How do you guys go about getting shards? I feel the RNG part of this is absolutely horrible. I got like 90% common and the 1 epic I got was useless as I will never get those types of troops lol. So I blew like 7k shards on this and got pretty much nothing good...I want to keep going, but not sure the best way to get shards.

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