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EU <CBI> Temple of Ahn'Qiraj progress (50 twinks)

Discussion in 'Level 50-59' started by Samadius, Nov 2, 2017.

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  1. Samadius

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    This thread is going to be just like https://xpoff.com/threads/50-twinks-molten-core-progress-thread-for-legion.74660/ but with updates on our progress in AQ40 rather than MC40.
    This time it is not gonna be an easy steamroll. I can already say that now even before we have even tried it. Since AQ40 and MC40 are nowhere near same difficulty. We were very lucky to have almost 20 people joining our raid last time in MC. I hope to see many for AQ40 too, since now it is actually really needed and probably necessary.
    XPOFF Event Calendar CBI vs. AQ40

    <Carried By iLvl> is having their first try in AQ40 on this Saturday the 4th of November from 18:30 pm Server Time. (or as soon we have enough ready to go).
    The Live Stream Event for Saturday on Twitch click here to get the reminder for the stream.

    Updates will follow.

    Unfortunately we don't have as many sign ups as for last Sunday, but this time we also only had a few days notice to the raid, as we got the raid only within a week since our last raid which is also a really good sign up of the activity in our bracket.

    For our raid roster we are currently recruiting: Holy priests > Disc priests > Monks<3 > Assa rogues > hunters > everything else. In that priority more or less. If u want to play something else you will of course still get a raid invite since we can be up to 40 men in the group ^^. But in this priority more or less it would benefit our raid team the most.

    If you are a really good prot warrior you can come trial tank for us too.
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    (Photographer: Onion/Elkiva)

    Stay tuned..

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