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Discussion in 'General Offtopic' started by Blueballuh, Aug 24, 2020.

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    Any of you who know me know that I made a fortunes worth of wow gold hosting in-game casinos. Over the span of about a month I turned 600 gold on classic into over 26k which I then turned around and sold for well over $1000.

    This was done through an addon that a friend of mine had made that is not open source or downloadable anywhere on the internet. The addon tracks all trades you make and keeps a log of what was traded in and what was traded out, which is what enables you to handle multiple betters simultaneously without being overwhelmed. It also announces the amount people bet and prompts the person in your party to make their call. The game itself is 59% in your favor which means you make money over time guaranteed.

    I am going to be selling the addon as I have no further use for it as I don't really play wow much anymore and could use some extra money for yugioh cards lol. With the addon I will also explain the game, the odds, my strategies for setting max bets i would accept, as well as answer your questions and provide my personal macros i used to make such a successful gold farming operation. Please PM me for more info and have a good day!

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