Cash Prize Twinking Tournaments?

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by chelk, Jun 17, 2020.

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preferred way of playing for twink tournament

  1. private server

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  2. retail

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  3. classic

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  1. chelk

    chelk New Member

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    hey guys! long time lurker, first time poster.
    my name is chelk. i was fairly popular in the 3.3.5a custom 19 twink community back in 2011-2014. i was GM on a fairly big custom 19 server called NightWoW Reborn and then went and made my own custom 19 server called Supremacy WoW under the name inaichu. both servers did fairly well for themselves under the circumstances of being a custom 19 twink server. my latest project was a custom i19 server with blizz-like gear and some added spells to help with balancing and keeping the meta interesting. i never got off the ground with it but loved the project idea.

    but i digress. i started playing classic wow recently and saw a lot of twinks. mostly 39, some 29 and 19 though. it got me thinking about my latest project idea. i want to organize twink tournaments for the community. it would be interesting to do cash tournaments and have buy-ins, but what would make more sense? private servers to have full control over the game, classic for the best twinking experience, or retail for the ease of arenas and war games? bracket can change every tournament so i'm not too worried about choosing a bracket.

    sorry for ranting, i just have a lot of ideas for this and have been wanting to do this for years and now seems like the perfect time.
    thanks for reading if you've made it this far!

    i want to organize twink tournaments. would you prefer private server, classic, or retail? and why?
    cash tournaments with buy-ins? 100% of profit would go to either top 3 or winner takes all (depending on prize pool size maybe?)
  2. CIHC

    CIHC That One OG

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    Should be only retail in my opinion.

    Classic is -not- Vanilla. Thus those tournaments shouldn't be even accepted.

    This is only my personal opinions.

    Classic is not the OG 2004 (or if your old like me and had access in 2003) Vanilla like most people are lead to believe.

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