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EU+US [Burning League 2017] Tournament results

Discussion in 'Free to Play' started by Embu, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. Embu

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    So, which team has won the tournament? Which one has been the best? Which one deserves to be recognized?

    Reminder: the final opposed the Pirates des Tarides (France) and MOB a mattie (Netherlands).

    And the winning team is...

    MOB a mattie, with a score of 3 victorious rounds (the final was in best of 5).

    Of course, it goes without saying that each team deserves recognition thanks to all the efforts that they have put in. To celebrate the participation of each one, here is a summary of everything that has been done during the event. If you didn't followed the championship but wish to see how it unfolded, you're in the right place.


    1. Participants list

    2. Ranking and tournament stats

    3. Videos

    4. About the tourney

    1. Participants list

    21 players rejoined the tournament:


    TEAM #1 :
    Sons of Bitching

    [​IMG] - Clavicule@DefiasBrotherhood

    [​IMG] - Courseflèche@Rashgarroth

    [​IMG] - Animalistik@Rashgarroth


    TEAM #2 : Pirates des Tarides

    [​IMG] -

    [​IMG] - Garitõs@Hyjal

    [​IMG] - Bigornøt@Hyjal


    TEAM #3 : Kickaxe

    [​IMG] - Bruttuss@Throk'Feroth / [​IMG] - Merlax@Hyjal

    [​IMG] - Tohka@Rashgarroth

    [​IMG] - Gunbobo@Rashgarroth


    TEAM #4 : Z-Warrior

    [​IMG] - Davejønes@Aggramar

    [​IMG] - Døum@Magtheridon

    [​IMG] - Snides@Aggramar / [​IMG] Zëkøz@Aggramar


    TEAM #5 : Les Cornichons magiques

    [​IMG] - Loumiane@Outland

    [​IMG] -

    [​IMG] - Firegob@Aggramar


    TEAM #6 : MOB a mattie

    [​IMG] - Plebcitybish@Aggramar

    [​IMG] - Nairhxø@Stormscale

    [​IMG] - Rebjörn@Stormscale / [​IMG] - Lexa@Aggramar

    2. Ranking and tournament stats



    General notes

    • Duration of the event: 3h23min
      • 28/08/17 (Start: 09 pm - Ending: 10.48 pm)
      • 29/08/17 (Start: 09 pm - Ending: 10.35 pm)
      • Total : 1h48min + 1h35min => 3h23min
    • Number of participants:
      • 21 (with substitutes players)
      • 18 (without substitutes players)
    • Maximum number of people on teamspeak: 11
    • Most represented classes: Priest (7) and shaman (4)
    • Number of DPS: 12 (substitutes excluded)
    • Number of heals: 6 (substitutes excluded)
    Teams stats

    • Most victorious team: MOB a mattie (5)
    • Least victorious team: Les Cornichons magiques (0)
    • Team with the most substitutes: Z-Warrior (2 substitues for 3 matches)
    • Teams with the funniest team name: Les Cornichons magiques ("magical pickles" in French) + MOB a mattie ("money over bitches friends" in Dutch)
    • Easiest team to group: Pirates des Tarides
    Community management stats

    • 52 hours of work for the making of the 2017 trailer
    • 2 intensive months of community management
    • 8 000 views / 47 videos / 189 posts at this time regarding the event

    • 8 internet page profils: (the following stats concerns the 2016-2017 period)

    3. Screens & videos


    Here are the screens and videos I've been able to save and rebroadcast live during the tournament.

    A - Final

    • Phase 4

    B - Semi-finals

    • Phase 3

    • Phase C

    C - Quarterfinals

    • Phase 2

    • Phase B

    • TEAM#1 VS TEAM#4
      • General notes

        • Winning team : Sons of Bitching (team#1)
        • Score : Victory by default (team#4 forfeit the match)

    4. About the tourney


    Summer 2017 has brought a lot of new things in the tournament conception. The premade with Mol's team enabled to show that in addition of the Burning League, activities with players from other realms were possible. That's a good thing.

    In comparison with the 2016 tournament, there had been a lot of new things too. The planning pannel has been changed in order to make easier the organization of the tourney. Although there had been several problems with the streams, the publicity for the tourney has been on the contrary a truly succesful because thanks to XPoff and Judgehype, the tournament received a lot of viewers and subscribers in more. Just have a look at these screenshots for example:

    So if we should do a summary of this event here are the positive and negative points of this summer:

    • [​IMG] Popularity increased (more publicity and more subscribers)
    • [​IMG] More diversity among the nationalities of the players
    • [​IMG] Better organization than in 2016
    • [​IMG] Perhaps an American-European championship thereafter

    • [​IMG] Stream problems
    • [​IMG] There are still missing players on D-day

    By the way if you have any ideas about potential improvements for the tournament, please let me know in the comments or on embuproduction@gmail.com; I remain available at this address.

    See you,

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    Love the effort put into this even though I didn't really know of it.
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