BFA belt enchant for legion locked chars (alliance only)

Discussion in 'Level 110-119' started by Bulzevul, Nov 7, 2019.

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    You can get to Boralus with a bug/glitch even if you don’t have bfa on your account and you are able to learn which is a bis (because it’s the only one ) belt enchant.
    I have not so geared 210 rogue and it gives 5k absorb shield(it scales so it would be 6-7k for fully geared toon I believe). You can also farm this trinket ILVL 210
    from this crates
    On horde you can only get trinket.
    Didn’t see this info anywhere so I thought why not post it.

    To get to Boralus you just board the boat and once it moves you log off and log in after 15 seconds(there was a vid from f2p pal I forgot his name but it was him who discovered it I believe)

    Edit:you can learn any other profession there too, with exception of herbalism(weird). But I didn’t find anything useful for pvp other than this belt enchant(which costed me around 12k in reagents so mind that too)
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    93 stacks with class fall damage reduction passives (at least it stacks with a druid's in cat form, where it seems to increase height from which you can fall without taking damage by 30-50%), and of course works on its own. If you do a lot of WPvP, it's quite useful to have - no matter how careful you are, you will get dismounted by enemies.

    Tailoring also allows you to use, which can be quite useful to escape or prevent the enemy from doing so.

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