EU <Aygat> on Mograine is recruiting 39 Horde players!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Madock, Dec 23, 2019.

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    <Aygat> is recruiting! We're a 39 PVP guild on Mograine [H]


    We've been playing together since late Vanilla/TBC; back then we were a 19 guild <At Least You Get A Token> - During WoTLK we transitioned over to 39. The core group of us have been friends now for over 10 years. Since starting Classic, we have become a good mix of old and new players. So it's not some old boys club anymore but a new family; we have around 1:1 old and new people in the guild

    With PVP, we relish the challenge of fun competition. Our core members all have a wealth of experience with 10 man scrims, and several of us have Gladiator/RBG titles. We aren't a 24/7 tryhard guild anymore, but when the opportunity presents itself we love to dial everything in and focus. All of our new members will and have been picking things up at a fast pace, this'll happen for everyone as we play together more.

    Gear wise, many of us have several BiS sets - The guild bank currently has around:

    6 Pendulum of Dooms

    5+ Shadowforge Bushmasters.

    All RFD and Uldaman BoE's (excluding monkey bracers)

    several Miners Hat of the Deep

    Plenty of green BoE gear for cloth/mail/leather

    Our goal is to have a stable amount of (2-3) friends online to queue with whenever. 5+ during prime time and 10/15 during WSG and AB weekends and agreed premades Vs Alliance guilds. Future plans extend to casual 2v2/3v3 in Gurubashi arena for those who want to prepare for TBC.


    What do we ask of you?

    A nice, easy going attitude - Many of us are in our late twenties, we play WoW to have fun, not to deal with aggro or drama. We aren't running full premades daily, the scene is still fairly new.

    The ability to communicate and listen in Discord when required. Outside of premades we don't mind too much if you want to talk or just listen to music.

    The willingness to listen and improve if need be. As long as you're ready to step up, that's the most important thing.

    If you're interested in applying, please reach out to us on


    For recruitment, we are open to any class joining, especially those who wish to transfer over with a BiS character. However we are low on PRIESTS, RESTO SHAMANS, WARLOCKS and HUNTERS. So they would be most welcome. Of course if you want to chat about classes, join the Discord :)

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