General Arena Rating Guide + Macro to Check Your Rating (low-lvl)

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    In this guide I’ll be talking about everything you should know about Arena Rating system on low-level characters. It will be very useful for hardcore arena players, and the core intention is to attract more players to que for Skirmishes. New PvP season is coming soon, and some of you might be interested in giving arena a try in the wake of it.

    Special thanks to Линдеманн for his original post on TriaLand website:

    Let’s begin!

    First of all, the ability to learn your arena rating on low-level characters came live back in Legion. Back then, we still had the arena ladder tab on xpoff. However, Blizzard had to mess with it so that now the best we’ve got is a thread by Hashbrowns. As for now, this is the only active arena ladder for twinks. It’s updated only occasionally so there is no way to find out your fellow players’ ratings right away.

    So what is Arena Rating?

    Personal Arena Rating is a normalized indicator of your PvP statistics, just the same as your arena winrate. Personal arena ratings are only affected by your own accomplishments, and are adjusted according to your wins and losses against other teams. So, if there is a chance you want to try arena but never got to it due its lack of popularity, I’ll give you a minor motivation to try it out. Down below, I’m leaving you with a macro that will allow you to check arena rating of any player by targeting that player in-game. That, of course, includes low-level characters.

    Now, let’s talk about MMR.

    MMR (match making rating) is a hidden PvP statistic in wow that exists to match players that have similar skill level. Unfortunately, It’s impossible to find out player’s MMR, unlike Arena Rating. And also, MMR changes more dynamically than Arena Rating does.

    It would be easier to just give you an example.

    Consider that there are 2 players: GucciSled and Bright, and they do skirmishes as a team. Let’s say that it’s their first time doing arena, therefore, both of their MMRs is 1500. At first, they will be matched up with players who have about the same MMR. For every win against those players they will get around 96 arena rating points up until they get their ratings up to 1500 (Arena Rating, not MMR). After 1500, the amount of points they get for each win will be much lower, while matched up against 1500 MMR players.

    At some point they will run into another twink team: Hotti and Goner, whose MMR is 1800. Usually that wouldn’t happen, but due to the lack of players queuing for skirmishes at a certain twink bracket, they would still be matched up.

    • Case number one: GucciSled and Bright (1500 MMR) loose against Hotti and Goner (1800 MMR). In this case GucciSled and Bright’s MMR wouldn’t fall by a lot and Hotti and Goner’s MMR wouldn’t increase by a lot either.

    • Case number two: GucciSled and Bright win against Hotti and Goner. In this case GucciSled and Bright would both gain a lot of MMR, while Hotti and Goner’s MMR would drop by a lot.

    Arena Rating always changes with respect to your MMR rating, so that in the 2nd case, GucciSled and Bright would gain more arena rating points than usual and Hotti and Goner would lose more points than usual.

    Now, GucciSled and Bright have a higher MMR, so that the chance of them being matched up against players with high MMR would increase as well. This system intends for players with better skill (or gear) to gain Arena Rating faster and prevent them from farming hundreds of 1500 MMR players (usually, levelers) to gain rating points. Altogether, this system punishes players with no skills and rewards those with better skills – which is the whole idea behind the rating system.


    There is another caveat to all of this. After a certain amount of games, your Arena Rating and MMR will become equal to one another. For example, if you are sitting at 1500-1600 Arena Rating for many many games, you will get about the same amount of rating points both for wins and losses. This means that your MMR is equal to your Arena Rating. However, if you’re on an unlucky streak and your MMR is now lower than your rating, you will be in a sort of a “stalemate”. In this case, you will lose a lot of rating points for losses and gain very little for wins. Some players who are in the “stalemate” would gain zero points for a win.

    Getting out of a “stalemate” is quite hard. You would have to find a team with high MMR and win against them. Then, your Arena Rating will start to grow once again, since your MMR would be higher than the Arena Rating. Another method would be to win against a HUGE amount of players with equal/lower MMR than yours, up until your own MMR becomes higher than your Arena Rating.


    Now, let’s move closer to discussing the macro that I mentioned before. In particular, I will be talking about my own bracket, 20-29.

    First important fact is that each time a player jumps to a new level or switches faction, his rating resets to zero. So, leveler’s rating is very often close to zero.

    Second fact is that Arena Rating on low-levels works exactly the same as it does on 120s arena. The only difference is that, naturally, 120s have more arena players than we do. That means that the probability of them encountering players with different MMRs is quite high, which lowers their chances of getting into a “stalemate” while having a high rating.

    In order to check you current rating, there is a string in the game GetInspectArenaData(), which inspects your arena statistics. Depending on which variable you choose, it would spit out different information. Possible variables are: 2c, 3c, 5c, RBG, and Skirmish.

    This function returns 5 statistical values: Current Arena Rating, Number of games played this season, Number of wins in this season, Number of games you’ve played this week, Number of wins this week.

    And here’s the macro itself:

    /run InspectUnit("target")InspectFrameTab2:Click()C_Timer.After(1,function()local a,b,c=GetInspectArenaData(5)print(format("%s, %s %d, %s (%d%% winrate)",ARENA_BATTLES_2V2,PVP_RATING,a,PVP_RECORD_DESCRIPTION:format(c,b-c),100*c/b))end)

    After using this macro (while targeting yourself), you will see in chat window: Your Arena Rating, Number of wins and losses, and winrate percentage.

    Unlike rated arena statistics, skirmish stats combine 2v2 and 3v3 games into a single statistical value. So, there is a single Arena Rating for both 2v2 and 3v3 games.


    I hope this was thorough enough and that now you understand how MMR/Rating system works.
    Have a great day!

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    Another thing I forgot to mention:

    When you have a 2-player team and you want to get into 2v2 arena, sometimes you’ll notice that the que takes abnormally long.
    For example: usually you wait for about 2 min, but this time you've been waiting for 4 min. Then it’s very likely that the arena system is searching for a 3v3 arena.
    It’s the best to leave que and then que again to avoid getting into 3v3 arena.

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