US Arena F2P Championships Postponed

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    Good evening.

    After all of our best efforts, for a number of reasons The NWL has been unable to go ahead with todays scheduled tournament and i am writing this to explain to whom it may concern why and shed some light on to the problems we have been unable to overcome.

    Our organizations broadcaster had one of the worst possible things happen to him that any avid video game user could have happen to them and that is he had and i quote "a power surge" at his apartment late Saturday evening. This caused a significant amount of damage to his computer and many of his home appliances causing them to "fry". After hearing of this occurrence we did not give up on the idea of providing a tournament stream for the event today and worked to the best of our capabilities to find a work-around.

    What this would mean is that if the tournament happened today, it would have been on a different channel than the usual NWL channel, it would mean that our stream would have no webcams, no fancy overlays, no cool graphics and many other things that The NWL team has worked very hard on creating for this event to maximize the entertainment value for the viewers of which also contributes to the hype of the event itself.

    Also, another concern of ours already was that the tournament would have been running live during the same time as the World of Warcraft European Qualifiers stream, which has 55,000+ viewers. This made us feel that our tournament would not reach out to as many viewers as we feel that a tournament of this quality and preparation deserves and so after a long, long weekend of discussions and debates we decided it was in the best interests for not just the NWL, but the viewers and the players to reschedule this event until a later date.

    Up until the last minutes before the set tournament time today we was avidly trying to figure out the best solution that we could come to whilst ensuring that we maintain the production quality, casting quality, the arena footage quality and most importantly the feeling of a "professional" experience for the players partaking in this tournament.

    We created this post with a heavy heart and sincerely apologize for all of those who were ready and online for todays scheduled event and for those who took time off work, canceled real life plans to be here to either play or watch the event but sometimes so many things go wrong at the same time to the point where it is in nobody's best interest to force an event to happen and it is much wiser to postpone.


    This has given us more time and a larger window of opportunity to improve the quality of this event EVEN FURTHER! We at The NWL had so many plans that we were unable to follow through with due to the lack of time and some other issues but now we are confident that with the additional time period before the event next takes place that we can take this whole event and The NWL to a new heights, so be ready people for the best XP OFF 3v3 Tournament you have EVER witnessed to date!

    NEW DATE: Yet to be announced, stay tuned to this post to keep informed of updates regarding the event.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this post.
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    Very well said.
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    A trifecta of unfortunate events happening. I'm still looking for a new monitor :/ - rip so many electronics.