Appoligies for Wednesday

Discussion in 'General Offtopic' started by Daltert Moropi, Dec 7, 2018.

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  1. Daltert Moropi

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    On 12/5/18 my one computer gotten hacked and briefly tampered on different sites. I was with family, out of town at that time, and it wasn't until the next day that I've discovered my computer gotten hacked onto. I've run a couple of different spyware to make sure there isn't a lingering bug/virus on it.

    I do also, want to say sorry to the people on the forums if that hacker bullied or upseted upon viewing that page and thanks @Ripduck for helping me.

    I'll be off of the site for a bit (like I said on the two horde discords in game), but I must be going now to family and now to figure out what else that hacker did on here.

    again, sorry if there was any damage on here.

    p.s. I probably should of posted this yesterday, but after seeing my family and now pain snakingly recovering my computer. it kind of tires ya out.
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    Gotta go ez on the pronz
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  3. Celax

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    Suuuuure you did. ;)

    Glad to see all is better. No harm no foul.

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