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US Another year, a time to crown a new champion.

Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by Blackout, Mar 29, 2019.

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  1. Blackout

    Blackout Greatest of all Time Administrator

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    Every year, the level 19 twink community pulls together to showcase their passion and skills by going head to head in a winner-take-all bout to see who currently is deserving of being crowned the champion of the twinks.

    Year after year we have seen teams of players from all walks of life, areas of the globe, pull together in an attempt to become the current year’s champions. It is that time of year where we begin to prepare for another. Preparations starting now must take place in order to provide the highest quality event that we can muster together.

    For those who know me, you will know what I am going to say next (probably). For those of you who are not familiar, keep reading as I have something to say that may interest you.

    Year after year I’ve devoted time and effort into presenting the annual Twink Cup and I do not intend to throw in the towel this year. I’ve found myself in a position where I can take the Twink Cup to heights that it has never reached before.

    Some of you may be questioning what I am referring to. I would like to explain and introduce to you all what it is I am talking about.

    In recent times, i’ve found myself involved with a very reputable and experienced WoW esports broadcasting organisation, who have a vast array of experience and resources at their disposal. that they can offer to us this year and i’d like to involve them in the management of the tournament for this years event. I feel like this team of dedicated individuals will be able to put the Twink Cup into a spotlight that it has not been seen in before.

    Allow me to introduce to you all, Resurgent Esport Broadcasting!

    Resurgent ESB Mission Statement

    Resurgent Esports Broadcasting is a very proud, grass roots organisation that strives to produce high quality esports Tournaments and Broadcasts. We are a dedicated team of passionate esports fanatics who are combining our skill sets to create an enjoyable and professional experience for both players and spectators alike.

    We at Resurgent ESB are excited to be honoured with the opportunity to manage and host the twink communities annual event. Blackout has made it extremely clear to us how important this event is to your community, and it is very visible how passionate the community is about this annual event after researching into the history of the Twink Cup. At Resurgent, we understand that each and every online community is different. We are confident that with Blackout’s understanding and experience of this community's wants, needs and resources. He can introduce to us to numerous things ranging from establishing contact with your community leaders who can assist with areas of preparation such as ruling, to guiding us in the best possible way to appease the masses, so that we can present to you the best product that we are capable of delivering.

    Let me share with you a quick resumé of what Resurgent has done within the community thus far.

    We have hosted two seasons of weekly 3v3 Arena events, which have taken place weekly on a monday night totalling to a whopping 23 broadcasted events, which are branded as “Kings of the Hollow”. Alongside that, a well known organisation called The Gosu Crew (they had a team that came 2nd place at Blizzcon in 2018) reached out to us and requested that we host a 3v3 Arena event on their behalf at the end of 2018, which we agreed to do. Well known persons such as Dillypoo and Supatease were present as commentators and since then, we have recruited numerous known players to shoutcast on the desk on event days. Including the likes of Joe Fernandes, Dillypoo and more!

    Starting tomorrow, 03/29/2019 we are beginning the world's first ever 6vs6 Battleground League where players can sign up as an individual and be drafted into a roster, or premade teams of players can sign up to compete to be crowned victors on a weekly basis. Each week will have a cash prize pool for competing teams to fight for in a winner-take-all format; it’s exciting stuff!

    After speaking with Blackout, we have grown to understand that the Twink community has much untapped potential in regards to being a competitive experience for both the participants and viewers alike - We are excited to be able to offer our resources to promote your passions in the best possible light that we can. We are eager to get started with preparations and we are all immensely excited to host these events for you guys! We look forward to seeing you all on the Battlefield and are eager to see what you guys have to say in the comments!

    Here is a list to all of the external links that you will need if you are interested in researching into Resurgent, or wanting to show your support!

    Resurgent ESB Webpage

    Resurgent ESB Twitter

    Resurgent ESB Facebook

    Resurgent ESB Instagram

    Resurgent ESB Twitch Stream

    Resurgent ESB Youtube

    I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this and hope that you are willing to accept their volunteered service for the event this year. I personally am really excited to see where we can take things together as a team. We have agreed that we will be announcing the Official Twink Cup 2019 Thread in May, so don’t waste time guys - get your preparations underway to be sure that you are all ready for the big day!

    Note: I will be putting out some polls and other threads to seek information on things such as Dates of Availability for players, Ruling, Jumps (seeing as WSG has been updated recently, i’d love feedback on what people consider to be fair and what they don’t and why) and i’ll be looking to introduce you all to the staff at Resurgent ESB in the very near future (likely via a podcast on twitch.tv!)

    Edit: After some slight confusion from certain people, I am clarifying that the Twink Cup this year is a LEVEL 19 10v10 event as it usually is, NOT a level 120 6v6 event.​
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  2. Quack

    Quack young draco

    is there anything blackout CANT DO?
  3. Chops

    Chops Member

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    This is really cool. I very much look forward to watching :)
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  4. saxxon

    saxxon saxxon Founder

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  5. Korzac

    Korzac Member

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    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  6. jwl

    jwl Famous WoW Personality

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    Looking forward to participate in 2019 TC!
  7. marblea

    marblea Grandfathered

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    LFT but I dont want to play just put me on the best roster
  8. Mvq

    Mvq 2016 TC Champion

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    I give this 2 weeks.
  9. Hardbass

    Hardbass Ashleyyyyy

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    Blackout getting shit done nice job! Good luck to people who participate :)
  10. Phrontistery

    Phrontistery i was making waves u was surfing in 'em

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  11. Frogturtle

    Frogturtle Member

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    first reply to first
  12. Devm

    Devm Member

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    first reply to first reply to first reply :eek:
  13. OP

    Blackout Greatest of all Time Administrator

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    This event is a 10v10 as usual. The 6v6 League is something different and aimed to the 120 scene.
  14. Goohd

    Goohd born good

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  15. Juanet

    Juanet Chair Lord 77

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    The chair lord smiles.
  16. Mvq

    Mvq 2016 TC Champion

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    why are you guys hyping this when this is literally going to be a 120 event? this has nothing to do with Twinks, Blackout is just using the platform to advertise his unrelated event.

    This is literally the same as when Bots advertise porn in the youtube comments of some video. Sure, we are interested in watching a young asian get railed by a big black cok but that doesn't mean that you should advertise it in an unrelated place.
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  17. Bestworld

    Bestworld MBA

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    ~Mvq 2019

    You heard it here first.
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